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Anyone putting their house on the market soon?

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FunSpunge Wed 25-Jan-17 18:21:16

For those looking to put their house on the market soon, when are you thinking?

We have been looking for 10 months and haven't found anything. Nothing new, in our budget, is coming on the market and everything that is currently on has been on for 12mths plus (with good reason) Even our local EA's are saying they haven't seen it this slow for years.

I'm feeling a little disheartened by it all and could do with a little reassurance that new houses will be coming on once the nicer weather arrives and we're not going to be "homeless" forever sad

3penguins Wed 25-Jan-17 18:22:39

I hope to put my on next month. I am downsizing, but am concerned that there are no smaller houses on the market at all.

FunSpunge Wed 25-Jan-17 18:25:54

Maybe the smaller ones will come on next month for the same reasons you chose to list yours next month! smile

I can be positive for other people but when I look at our local market I feel nothing but glum hmm

3penguins Wed 25-Jan-17 18:30:38

Hopefully fun - the ones that have come on in the last few months have been snapped up within days or, as you say, have some sort of major flaw and are not suitable at all.

I hope somethingcomes up for you soon.

Equimum Wed 25-Jan-17 19:20:58

We're putting ours up next week. I'm a bit worried that there's not a lot of choice, but we have seen something we like. Where we live now, the market hasn't been too bad two of our neighbours sold really quickly at the end of last summer, but we'll see. The house we want has been up since June, but the EA thinks the market is picking up and he's already had the first offer on it this month.

Katymac Wed 25-Jan-17 19:23:27

Probably in April as we are in a tourist bit so need the holiday makers who suddenly decide they want to live here (I hope)

Beckyb1 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:28:02

Mine has been up for a while. I'm so desperate to move. sad

Katymac Wed 25-Jan-17 19:30:05

I don't think mine will sell easily - it's odd!!

FunSpunge Thu 26-Jan-17 11:11:12

I guess people have been waiting to get Christmas over and done with and then they need time get the house market ready.

I just want to get looking at new stuff and find that one house that makes me grin like a cheshire cat as soon as I walk through the door.

Becky hope Spring time brings some fresh faced buyers to your area! smile

Lunenburg Thu 26-Jan-17 11:21:42

I am really wanting to move but holding off putting mine on the market because there is just nothing available that I would want to buy.

I live in a beautiful part of the country, but my house is very niche (very remote, shared land ownership) so could take some time to sell.

I am really worried about selling and being forced to buy somewhere that is nowhere near as nice, just because I get the timing wrong.

Wish I could understand this market !!

Beckyb1 Thu 26-Jan-17 12:15:05

Thanks Fun. It's made me go on a major decluttering spell and change agents so fingers xd. smile

Themoleandcrew Thu 26-Jan-17 12:28:02

Ours went on the market on saturday. We had one call that night to view on Monday and nothing since. There's not much choice when it come to what we want to buy though. Hoping something comes up but not too soon.

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