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Gas contractors want to dig up my newly laid drive :(

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mycavitiesareempty Tue 24-Jan-17 12:04:23

Second issue of the day for me (!)

Southern Gas Networks' contractor are currently replacing the gas mains in our road, and as part of this we were warned they might have to replace the service pipe to our house.

And here's the rub. Just before Christmas we had a new posho driveway installed, lovely granite chippings with a nice curved path made of block pavers.

In between Christmas and the NY we were notified that works would start to replace gas pipes.

Today they tell me they will have to dig up the lovely curved block paved path. But don't worry, says contractor, they will reinstate it to as it was before.

Now, I do appreciate it needs replacing and I'd like to trust that it'll be put back exactly as it was but.... well, I am a little concerned we're in greater London, it cost us £3k to have done, silently weeps

Has anyone had similar done by SGN and was it all ok in the end? Anything I should be asking or trying to insist on? My knowledge of gas technologies is er, limited.

Ruhrpott Tue 24-Jan-17 12:13:32

I'd take a before picture so you have proof what it looked like

GeorgeTheHamster Tue 24-Jan-17 12:18:09

I'd take lots of pictures.

Ask whether the work came with a guarantee that will now be invalidated.

Ask your original contractor whether they have particular training or experience in fitting the stuff.

Consider arguing that a non specialist has company can't reinstate it as it was and you want the gas co to pay your contractor to do so.

Bluntness100 Tue 24-Jan-17 12:19:43

I'd get it in writing that they will reinstate. And take pics.

Bluntness100 Tue 24-Jan-17 12:20:16

What I mean is don't take the contractors verbal word for it.

Bluntness100 Tue 24-Jan-17 12:20:54

Oh and ask for a time line when it will be done and by who.

PunjanaTea Tue 24-Jan-17 12:23:38

When we had gas fitted to our property they used a mole so only had to dig a couple of smallish holes. Ask whether this option is possible maybe? Agree with others though don't let them have any access to your property that they will reinstate as new in writing. Also photos.

mycavitiesareempty Tue 24-Jan-17 16:21:10

Thanks all. It seems they only need to dig up 1m2 so all good, they seemed surprised I asked for a written undertaking to put it back to previous state but the people I've dealt with have been helpful and efficient.

JT05 Tue 24-Jan-17 17:13:31

Just before Christmas National grid came to rectify a gas leak on our neighbours property. As the ancient pipe forked to supply us with gas we had to have some of our front garden dug up, including some landscaping chipping. The actual gas workmen do not replace the landscaping, but another team came bout a week later and replaced it perfectly.

The only casualty was a large shrub, its roots had grown round the old pipe. I'd rather lose that then blow up!
At all times they explained exactly what they intended to do.

MrsJayy Tue 24-Jan-17 17:17:11

Dh used to work for Sgn not London they will replace it properly or pay for the original conracter mains replacement is compulsory I'm afraid

MrsJayy Tue 24-Jan-17 17:26:18

You will or should get a letter in my old house pipes were replaced they put back garden as it was we had path and gravel

MrsJayy Tue 24-Jan-17 17:27:24

Sorry missed your update

mycavitiesareempty Tue 24-Jan-17 19:00:45

Thanks MrsJayy much appreciated.
First world problems an all that....

MrsJayy Tue 24-Jan-17 22:53:02

Thats ok i would have been sweating to if it was my swanky new drive ☺

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