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Tell me about blackheath/greenwich

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ahroo Mon 23-Jan-17 16:46:45

Like the areas in theory but what is it like to live there? Not sure we could afford the villagey bit. Is there any areas to avoid? What are the best primaries? Is it a black hole for state secondaries? What are the best and worst bits of you have kids? We have £1m. Would want a decent garden and 4 bed.

JillyTheDependableBoot Mon 23-Jan-17 18:24:34

Lived in Greenwich for past 5 years and recently moved to Blackheath. I love it here. No DC so can't help re schools. Greenwich Park gets v v crowded in summer, which I guess might not be the best with kids, but generally this is a VERY family-friendly part of the world - lovely open spaces, lots of cute child-friendly cafés, fireworks on the heath every November etc. Transport can be a pain depending where you work, but if City/Scary Dwarf you're fine. Might be worth bearing in mind that there will be no direct trains from Greenwich to Charing Cross EVER AGAIN. One downside for me is lack of good restaurants and bars - there are lots of chains and a few decent gastropubs but that's about it.

This doesn't have the best garden but is a lovely road

Tad over budget but gorgeous, v close to the other one

Amazing location again, but over budget

Not the best garden but a lovely road and well within budget

On your budget you'll be fine. You might have to look around a bit but you can definitely afford one of the better streets.

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