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Who to ask???

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Allthegear Sun 22-Jan-17 23:44:08

We have recently bought a house with a funny layout downstairs. I would like to start thinking about what we can do with the space but have no idea who to ask?

Do I start with a builder, architect, kitchen designer or someone else entirely. I honestly have no idea!! Just want to know what is possible and get some ideas.

OutToGetYou Sun 22-Jan-17 23:45:18

Architect, get local recommendations.

dancingqueen345 Sun 22-Jan-17 23:55:42

Can you take a pic of the floor plan and put it on here? Ideally noting which walls are load bearing?

Obviously you'll need an architect at some point but I presume you're not ready to fork out yet.

We drew our house to scale and then (this is very sad) made little scale furniture to move around, was brilliant!

Testificateman Mon 23-Jan-17 00:19:22

Can you post the floor plan from rightmove? Sure we can come up with some good ideas for you.

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