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Bathroom layouts...which is better ( if either )

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bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 12:48:35

We are in desperate need of redoing our bathroom. It's quite small 2110 x 1770, with a quite a large, low window.
We currently have a bath running along the back wall underneath the window, with a shower over the top. The shower curtain gets pulled across the window. There is a loo ( that is on it's last legs flushing wise ) and a sink.
I'd really like a stand alone shower but my DH loves baths so I'm trying to find a way to get it all in.
I'm thinking that the doorway is taking up a lot of space - so I am hoping we'd be able to put a pocket door in instead.
Which of these layouts do you think would work the best ( if any ) or would it all look too cramped?
If you have any better suggestions they'd be gratefully received!

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 12:50:44

Oh - the loo is currently in the bottom right hand corner, as it is on one of the layouts. Is it a major phaff to move a loo across by a few feet?

MargotsDevil Sun 22-Jan-17 12:52:55

I think the second layout (with the square shower) looks more spacious somehow?

magicstar1 Sun 22-Jan-17 12:55:47

We had the same issue and worked in a bath and shower by making it into a wetroom style. There is so much shower room and I love it.

magicstar1 Sun 22-Jan-17 12:58:19

This is a basic drawing of ours...the screen panel is beside the sink

EmmaC78 Sun 22-Jan-17 13:00:11

I think the first one looks better although still quite cramped. What would the rough distance be between the bath and the shower on that diagonal.

thenightsky Sun 22-Jan-17 13:02:13

Magicstar... that is lovely! It's given me an idea for my little en-suite.

Finola1step Sun 22-Jan-17 13:02:54

With layout 1, it looks like you would have a smallish gap between corner of bath and shower. In that all important space to get to the loo. Middle of the night, lots of banged knees and toes.

So layout 2

blueskyinmarch Sun 22-Jan-17 13:04:56

How about like picture 2 but swap over the shower and the loo. The shower goes in the corner and the loo is between the bath and the shower?

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 13:06:39

I love yours magic - so I guess to make it more airy/spacious looking we could have a glass screen between the square shower and the loo...that would at least leave the loo in the same position. Do you find the water goes all over the bath as you don't have a screen between the shower and the bath?
I also thought that perhaps if we had a wall hung toilet that would give the impression of more space as you'd see the floor?

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 13:10:53

Finola good point!
Bluesky like this?

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 13:35:44

Or perhaps this which is an 800 x 800 pentagonal shower...

blueskyinmarch Sun 22-Jan-17 13:48:10

I like it the way you have it on that last picture you posted. You get nice curved shower enclosures which look sleek and save a bit of space.

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 14:51:43

One last picture!

blueskyinmarch Sun 22-Jan-17 15:02:26

I like that layout. You could also get a bath with a curved corner to make it look more unified.

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sun 22-Jan-17 15:07:02

With the loo in the middle you need to consider the logistics of where your toilet roll will go!

wowfudge Sun 22-Jan-17 15:17:42

This is a very similar room to our old bathroom. From your last picture, put the loo where the shower is, turn the bath round 90 degrees and put the shower in the corner behind the sink. Have a bath with curved front and sides.

superram Sun 22-Jan-17 15:25:43

We have a john Lewis free standing loo roll holder -you don't need a wall

oldbirdy Sun 22-Jan-17 15:32:56

I'd leave the loo and basin where they are, put a curved edged bath on a diagonal in the top right corner, which would leave more room for a separate shower in the top left corner.

oldbirdy Sun 22-Jan-17 15:36:04

A bath like this...Maybe

SauvignonGrower Sun 22-Jan-17 15:41:28

It isn't easy to think of a better way to do this. Do be sure you are happy with your dimensions. I see your bath is a very short one. Is that OK? My DH hates our standard 1700 one and would prefer we get 1800. You are also opting for a small shower tray. Will you be ok with that? I don't mind 900 quadrants but any smaller isn't enjoyable IMO. And do be careful to measure spaces between things. I can't remember all the rules, except 600 foot space for toilet!

titchy Sun 22-Jan-17 15:47:11

Can you squeeze the sink at the end of the bath? Other than that your last one is the best. You could even have a full length bath under the window.

CondensedMilkSarnies Sun 22-Jan-17 15:55:07

The last picture looks good. If your house is anything like mine , you don't need a loo roll holder because no one bloody hangs a loo roll on it !

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 17:57:31

Thanks for all your input. I'll try to work through the points..
Greaterthan see condensedmilks post smile but also we have one of those free standing loo roll holders downstairs so that doesn't worry me too much but I have been pondering that as a smaller detail to worry about later on!
Oldbirdlady unless there's a way around it - the shower in the top left hand corner wouldn't work as the window is quite wide and low so I think the shower would end up blocking half the window?
Sauvignon thanks for your points.. the bath I had in mind was something like this so a deep, shorter one. If we got the one with the jets I reckon DH would be happy enough!
The next step for me would be to get some bathroom people in I think so I can check the measurements, etc then. Im aware that I may well not have left enough for the spaces between things so it may well not be workable at all sad
titchy I hadn't thought of that possibility - one more picture to come!

bobkate Sun 22-Jan-17 18:00:00

With the sink next to the bath...

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