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Should the agents be doing more?

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Number4OnTheWay Sun 22-Jan-17 12:40:45

I'm rubbish with estate agents, I just don't know what constitutes as bugging them and what is ok.
So house went on the market 8 days ago, in that time we've had 2 viewings. 1st was a no show, 2nd loved the house but it wasn't close enough to x road (5 minutes walk away down paths)
So I phoned up estate agent and asked if they had any more viewings lined up, was told no. When we discussed going on the market, they said they wanted to do an open house, so I asked if a date had been set, no. I pushed the issue and now date is next Saturday.
Should I be ringing them this week to ask how they are doing? I just feel we should have had more interest than we have got.

So as not to drip feed, our house is priced as all the others in the area, houses tend to go quite quick around here as there are some good schools. Condition of he house is very good and we are selling with planning permission for 2 extra rooms. Garden isn't massive, but there is scope to make it bigger by 1/3.
We used these agents as they sold a friend's house just before Christmas within a day. Similar area, similar size house, we are slightly cheeper.

wowfudge Sun 22-Jan-17 12:56:57

Have you checked the listing? Is it marketing your house as best it can? Is the open house on the listing?

You could take the plunge and post a link so we can give you feedback? Of all the things they did when we put our house up for sale, the sales particulars were the weakest bit - formulaic EA drivel in the description and a key photo was terrible.

Number4OnTheWay Sun 22-Jan-17 13:10:36

I will have to name change after this! Please be nice!!
right move link
The open house isn't on the details, I will chase that up today (7 day a week agent) and we are really happy with the details...Other than the grey rubbish bin in the background of the kitchen diner pic. I moved it out the way and it still ended up in the photo hmm

Sunnyshores Sun 22-Jan-17 13:23:30

I think generally the house looks modern, clean and uncluttered, no strange or ott colours or anything.The one thing I would perhaps change is the bookcase on the landing and jetwash the patio slabs? But really thats not going to stop anyone viewing.

You could ask EA what comparables they have for sale and what are like for viewings, offers.

Sunnyshores Sun 22-Jan-17 13:24:43

btw assume you can still park in the garage if the garden table and chairs were moved?

Number4OnTheWay Sun 22-Jan-17 13:52:16

Not at the moment. There has been a partial conversion and we have planning permission to completely convert it (there's a thing that covers the area, so we needed planning) plus a shed outside the fence that blocks access. However out the front we own a large piece of land (behind the pavement) with a drop curb and there is room for 2 cars there (there is no other use for it)
I was thinking about removing the book case, it just houses some of the kids toys and books at the moment. It would mean boxing up toys and cuddliest, putting them away until we moved. If it's going to be weeks then I don't mind, but if it's going to be longer I don't reallt want to do that.
You're right about the patio, I will get the jet washed out (and do the windows at the same time!)

Tabbylady Sun 22-Jan-17 14:12:11

I have a bit of experience selling in "difficult" areas- DH used to own a few flats that we've got rid of. Taking our own photos with a decent DSLR and a wide angle lens (but not in the extreme fisheye-from-top-corner way some EAs use) really helped- one flat that had had two viewings in 3 weeks got 6 and 2 offers in the week after we changed pics. So for what it's worth here are my thoughts:

- Make sure schools are mentioned in the blurb. Big up the planning permission and make sure it's clear this will be as part of the house not some sort of granny annex
- Do a bit of weeding at the front and move the bins out the way when re-taking the pic.
- Re-take all outdoor pics as soon as you get a bit of nice sunshine
- Jet-wash back slabs. Is the grass fake? That can be a bit offputting as can give the impression you're not interested in upkeep of house/garden and have just flung it down. You can mention it in the blurb to get round that "advanced technology artificial grass!" or some shiz
- in living room, if possible, sofas at right-angles or facing each other. Looks less like they've been wedged in there. Remove mystery blue tubular object
- sounds counterintuitive but in the second kitchen pic, move some stuff (maybe those nice tins) onto the low shelves. It looks at the moment like you've moved everything away to make it look spacious when it's really not- as it's clear it's not an otherwise empty house.
- remove the kitchen bin (for the pic, not actual life!)
- pink bedroom: your kids might hate this, but you need to make it less pink. Just changing the sheets to white for the pic will make it look bigger, and if you can be bothered then painting the shelves white will help. Also remove the box things on the lower chest. Buyers can be anxious about bunk beds as it might mean the room is tiny, and boxes of things also increase anxiety about storage.
- similar for other kids' room- remove box of bricks and little trolley thing
- upper hall- move bookshelf out of the way or take pic from a different angle. The one they've taken makes it look over-loaded and drunkenly leaning forward. Again this can cause worries re storage.
- you might not like this one, but seriously think about covering or removing the wall stickers in the downstairs and child's room. I speak as someone who was promised that they were "just stickers" and ended up with a house full of naff love poems that they had clearly tried to peel off before moving out then quickly given up on, as they were removing the paint along with them. We couldn't afford to re-decorate after moving in and I ended up peeling the words off cos they were so ugly so we had naff poems in removed paint instead until I could Dulux the hell out of it! Cos it had removed layers of paint, I ended up having to paint over those patches millions of times to make it all even. Now we're looking again, I am really put off by places with wall stickers in the pics. Probs just a personal thing though!

I stress that this is just for the pics- it's to entice buyers in, and it's ok for stuff to be out during viewings as then you'll get a chance to speak to the buyers and they'll get a proper feel for the place anyway.

Your house looks lovely and clean though and these are just finnicky things based on my experience from selling. Hope this helps smile

wowfudge Sun 22-Jan-17 14:13:49

I have had a look at the link - I know it is largely down to the time of year, but the photos are pretty dark. I would ask that they are redone or most of the existing ones are brightened up. The front of the house shouldn't have the bin in it, yes to jetwashing the paving and getting rid of the weeds. Get the bin out of the kitchen shot!

On my phone, the floorplan is cut off at the top which means I can't see the kitchen diner layout properly - can the EA tweak that so it shows up in full? There are a couple of oddly shaped corner rooms and they won't be for everyone.

I also think a couple of things to soften the look of outside - some planters with bulbs, etc, front and back, plus flowers or a flowering plant in the kitchen and a couple of pictures on the living room wall will make it more homely.

The bookcase on the landing is taking up too much space so if you can move it, do - makes it look as though there isn't enough space or storage.

The fencing looks as though it needs work - could you at least jetwashing the algae off it?

budgetsbonus Sun 22-Jan-17 14:17:49

yes, ring them. you're paying a fee.

i would ask a friend about what they thought of photos, maybe?

your house is lovely, really nice. really modern and uncluttered. you've done a great job.

i agree with the posters who said jet wash the front and remove book case on stairs. i think jet washing is more important though as you want a buyer to love/like what they're pulling up to if they owned the house,

apart from that, its really very early days for you despite another house going within a day. in 3 months, maybe i'd worry if i were in your position

Spam88 Sun 22-Jan-17 14:24:40

I agree with most of the PPs, get rid of that kitchen bin in the photos (I'd hate to have it just plonked there in the middle, but I'd assume from that picture that there's nowhere more sensible for it to go). Pictures of the garden are a bit grim, at least in part down to the weather I'm sure, but I think you need to do something to make the fencing more presentable or, if not, take pictures with less fence in. Otherwise your photos are good, it is a bit of an unusually shaped house though! Agree that if good schools are a big selling point then that needs to be bigged up in your description.

Number4OnTheWay Sun 22-Jan-17 14:29:21

Thanks, this is all really helpful smile it was such a gloomy day when they came to take photos, there was thick black cloud and no sun at all!
Thanks for the tips, I will get on them ASAP smile

wowfudge Sun 22-Jan-17 14:41:41

Try taking your own photos from the same angles (and see if there are better ones) - if it is sunny they may well look better. They can be used to replace the EA's photos.

budgetsbonus Sun 22-Jan-17 14:44:33

yes, definitely replace photos if you can get a brighter day. we did that as our photos were in november.

ExplodedCloud Sun 22-Jan-17 14:56:15

The photos seem to be wider at the top than the bottom which makes the angles in the House look really strange and the fences appear to be leaning because of it.
I'm afraid the angles of the House would put me off and the bookcase at the top of the stairs makes it look really cramped.

Sunnyshores Sun 22-Jan-17 14:56:23

Some really good tips OP - but really this is fairly minute stuff, your house does look great and it looks as if youve made an effort. If people are seriously looking to buy, then they will view (as long as its priced OK). And its not been long, so dont panic yet!

The one thing that makes your house different is the garage conversion and PP - so more needs to be made of this and buyers need to see the loss of the garage as a positive. Photo of the parking spaces, with 2 cars in? Thats a huge bonus for a modern estate house.

Is the shed behind the fence? can you not fence it into the garden area, making the garden seem bigger?

Number4OnTheWay Sun 22-Jan-17 15:23:18

You absolutely could move the fence and make the garden bigger (and square) however, we haven't because we store stuff in the shed we need to get access too, that we couldn't take through the house or get out the gate (trailer, top box etc) so we haven't moved the fence (previous owners did this and they had a moterbike stored in a shed)
I'm thinking his also needs to be on the details! It's actually a really big plot size for a modern house.

AgathaF Sun 22-Jan-17 17:41:21

The first thing that struck me is the front photo. As others have said, weed and clean the front area, get some planters and hanging baskets with winter colour in them. Maybe a few in the back garden too, if you can stretch to that?

Remove the bookcase from the top of the stairs. I'd also get some colourful cushions for the sofas, and maybe some fresh flowers in the living room. The living room is neutral, which is good, but to me it looks a little bit too neutral. Definitely move the rubbish bin and have you got something with a bit of colour that you could put on those unit shelves in the kitchen?

Get the photos retaken once you've done a bit of tweaking, and make sure the agents do it on a nice day. Apart from that, yes of course hassle them to do more and get some results. It's what you're going to be paying them their astronomical fee for.

specialsubject Sun 22-Jan-17 19:44:41

pretty nit-picky (nice house!) but my thoughts:

- remove bins for photos
- looks a bit 'studenty' in places. Plump cushions, iron bedding (for photos only!)
- garden fences look like they need maintenance.
- bathrooms - main feature seems to be the bog roll, awful photo!
- depersonalise. Remove the photos, the 'home' logo, the toy boxes, the kid step in the bathroom, the toys in the garden.
- what is on the astroturf? The initial impression is dog poo, I'm sure it isn't but that's what the photo looks like!
and yes, those wall stickers have got to go. Sorry.

best of luck.

Number4OnTheWay Sun 22-Jan-17 21:20:03

Thanks all, some really good tips here, I will get on them. I'm going to name change now as obviously this is really outing smile
Special, I have 3 under 6 and another on the way so studenty is about right 🙈 it's leaves, but good point about it looking like poo shock

daro Tue 24-Jan-17 09:16:00

I dont understand the plot size and layout. From looking at that i would think tiny garden, why would i want to add 2 more rooms to a house with a garden that size.

I previously owned a corner house like that with not square rooms and i know it can be awkard to sell as it isnt traditional. I think it looks small dark and awkard (but really nicly done up). I think when you look into it it isn't small, dark or awkard but most poeple dont spend time figuring it out they just take a quick look and snap decision. Sorry if i was too honest.

Rorylemony Tue 24-Jan-17 09:24:58

I'd ring them everyday. You are paying them. As has been said look on rightmove and their own website. Are the pics good enough etc. Is you home clutter free enough. Ask for an update. If you only have 2 people to an open house tell them to postpone and get them to ring their list of people looking for houses like yours. Do the agents have houses like yours that they are about to close deals on as the outbid people may want to look at ur property instead. Good luck

Rorylemony Tue 24-Jan-17 09:37:35

I've just had a quick look. You have 2 strange shaped rooms. I would rearrange the main bed so it's in parallel with wadrobes, and put cabinet on other side, sitting room is all dark sofas and it hard to see a comfortable family room and needs rearranging I think as well as a rug, and lastly the kitchen table although I know why it's there it looks just plonked down and doesn't look right. A bit of colour wouldn't go amiss either. Lastly, I really do think the pictures are rubbish and your rooms have been stretched. It is a nice home though and one a young family could move straight into. I also dislike the bins and maybe a cheapy pot plant for the doorstep. You do a nice home and I'm sure it will sell but people need to be shown how they can live in it iyswim. Look at pics and decide how to change each room, that is where I would start. Again good luck.

Kirriemuir Tue 24-Jan-17 13:23:41

As an estate agent, I'd be horrified if any client had to phone me for an update/feedback. Just saying.

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