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Electric versus mixer shower - which is best?

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TheGirlOnTheLanding Sat 21-Jan-17 14:44:29

In the process of getting quotes for a bathroom refurb. It's our only bathroom and small but there seem to be so many choices to make and they're so expensive if you get them wrong!

So the latest decision is whether to go for an electric shower (which we have now) or a thermostatic mixer shower. The pluses for the mixer are that its marginally cheaper and will look neater, as only the bar, shower head and taps will be visible, compared to the ugly plastic box on the wall that most electric showers have. However, having an electric shower has been great when our combi boiler has broken as we can still get hot water to wash with. Are there any other pluses or minuses we should take account of?

PigletJohn Sat 21-Jan-17 14:52:35

A mixer shoer can deliver more water than an electric shower.

BTW, bar showers are generally cheaper, and have shorter lives, than round mixers, even if they are from the same good quality maker.

Aqualisa round mixer showers are IMO particularly good.

If having a shower fitted, it is preferable to have it on the surface of the wall, not buried inside it where you will have to hack off tiles and plaster when if it needs repair or replacement.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sat 21-Jan-17 15:04:45

Thanks PigletJohn. We're planning on shower panels rather than tiles at the moment I think but I guess the hacking off would still be a nightmare.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sat 21-Jan-17 15:12:03

We have both as we have two bathrooms, and there are pros snd cons for each.

Our mixer shower is a power shower, and gives a lovely, powerful shower. However, our teenagers spend far too long under it in the mornings and so we run out of got water really easily.

The electric shower isn't as powerful, although it's not bad, but it does deliver constant hot water. So in the morning it can be used for everyone and still produce a hot shower.

We are a family of four, and if I could only have one ttype of shower I would have an electric one so that we always be able uo have a shower. If there were only two adults, I'd be tempted to have a mixer showet.

ExitPursuedBySpartacus Sat 21-Jan-17 15:14:23

We have a mixer downstairs and electric upstairs. The mixer is bloody brilliant and I use it every three days to wash my hair. It's a pain tramping up and down two flights of stairs but so worth it.

Testificateman Sat 21-Jan-17 15:28:51

A mixer shower is better but, it all depends on your boiler. Also, an electric shower all depends on your power supply. You can get some powerful electric showers but, if you only have the normal 3.5 cable leading to the shower, it can burn it out.
At my old house, the shower broke within months. When I took a look, it had burnt out. I then saw that it was running off a normal 2.5 cable that sockets run off. Had to change it for a 4.5 and bought a better shower. Struggled to get the wife out of it then. Powerful and hot.

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