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What's it like in Walthamstow / Wood Street?

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01forLondon Fri 20-Jan-17 15:08:25

Thinking of moving to Walthamstow this year, currently in v urban, east London zone 2 (and not a smart bit!) so quite used to dealers hanging around on our estate etc. Not that I'm looking to replicate that! But it's all relative isn't it - one person's up-and-coming is another person's shit hole grin

Obviously the village is hugely expensive though we could afford to rent there, but not buy which is what we plan to do in a couple of years. But I was wondering about slightly further north of the village. Say from Wood St station up to Forest Rd, maybe a little further (Fulborne Rd?) but staying on the West side of Lea Bridge Rd. We have friends on Hale End Rd and it seems pretty quiet when we visit. Though they're possibly a bit too far from the station.

Like the look of Woodside Primary Academy too, though I think there aren't many other schools v close by.

dynevoran Sat 21-Jan-17 08:18:09

Wood St itself I like but there are a few bits where you do still get the hanging round dealers thing. Particularly junction with Havant road. Further east in upper Walthamstow is nice and still close to station. Chapel end ward is nice ...Good streets, nice community feel. But further from wood St station but closer to walk to Chingford road / how street
To the east of fulbourne road where we live is halfway between wood St and highams park stations. Chapel end area and currently just east of fulbourne road you have school wise : chapel end, Thorpe hall, Woodside and hillyfield at the park where my eldest goes. I personally much prefer this area of Walthamstow to any other that's why we just moved to a new house here having been here for 3 years and only moved away for 2 years before moving back! It's less convenient transport wise but close to good green spaces like highams park and the small bits of Epping Forest scattered around. Two good pubs within walking distance and lots independent shops without being too fancy.

Bit of a mind dump sorry! Happy to answer specifics too.

dynevoran Sat 21-Jan-17 08:18:48

Oh and st Mary's school if you want a church school.

Stokey Sat 21-Jan-17 08:33:06

Think dynevoran has pretty much covered it.

I have a few friends who have recently sold houses in the village and moved to Upper Walthamstow or Chapel End area to get bigger houses. The houses up there are the same prices but twice as big as in the village - especially the bit round Upper Walthamstow Road.

Woodside primary wasn't very good in the past but is having a bit of a renaissance, friends are very happy with Hillyfield, Thorpe Hall and St Marys. I don't know anyone at Chapel end but I think in general all the primaries in Walthamstow are pretty good.

I don't really know the area well enough to comment on dealers but i haven't seen any walking back towards Hoe St late at night after being out in Wood St pubs. I hear a lot more about them around the roads near Walthamstow Central and the market.

dynevoran Sat 21-Jan-17 08:53:52

Stokey is right there is def a problem nearer the station and some streets off the market. It's only really the corners of wood St itself that have a problem on that side. The residential streets are fine once you get down them.

01forLondon Sat 21-Jan-17 14:18:58

So helpful, thank you! We're having a little drive round this afternoon so will check out the areas you mention.

Good to hear recommendations of schools, next step will be to go and have a look round. I'd heard / read that Woodside was previously not great but their website promises a lot (along with the ofsted rating) but will have a read about the others.

Really happy to hear there's a good family vibe smile

dynevoran Sat 21-Jan-17 14:30:44

We lived by Woodside when it wasn't good but it seems like the staff and management have done an amazing job of turning it's fortunes around.

Plenty of nice families all over!

01forLondon Sun 22-Jan-17 10:24:58

Back with another question - if you happen to come back! What do you reckon of the roads around Walthamstow cemetery? There's also a lovely house on Springfield Rd, just to the west of Markhouse Rd. On Google street view the road looks quite nice - not really scruffy! The house itself would be pretty perfect for us - Southgrove school is 0.1 miles, so the closest...

AnarchyKitty Sun 22-Jan-17 10:42:46

I lived in Woodlands Roads for years. It used to be great. There were lovely pubs. The Pig and Whistle and The Flowerpot were I worked. There was an old fashioned sweet shop. A great butchers and fishmongers. Last time I went through it it was full of fried chicken shops and 99p type stores. I hear The College Arms and Bell Corner are now gastro type pubs. I absolutely loved living there. Hollow ponds is great if you have dogs.

Stokey Mon 23-Jan-17 15:18:56

Mission Grove south seems a lovely school, it's quite small but have a few friends there who are very happy with it.
The area between Markhouse Rd and Hoe St seems fine. There's not much there in terms of pubs, cafes etc. But you're not far from Hoe St, Walthamstow Central & St James.

nell15 Mon 23-Jan-17 17:19:12

Many years ago I lived and worked around Walthamstow and the houses that everyone rated highly were the Warner ones - they're arts and crafts in style (in keeping with William Morris style) if you google warner houses and flats you'll find info on them.

Caroline147 Tue 24-Jan-17 20:22:57

We've just bought a house on one of the roads off Wood St- we love it, especially after living in other areas of East London. There are some discount stores and a couple of fast food places, but the area is lovely with a great community feel. I've walked around late at night from the station and felt safe, for example. Can't advise on the schools but would massively recommend the area- great transport links, walking distance to both the village and central, plus The Duke is fab local.

FiddleFigs Wed 25-Jan-17 14:23:26

Hale End Road (the Forest Rd end of it) isn't too far from the station - 12 minute walk. It's quieter, but that's what we found appealing - streets are a bit wider, gardens are larger - generally feels less of a squash. Thorpe Hall School and St Marys are also good local schools. Nice neighbourly feeling too (certainly on my road). Much nicer than the area around Markhouse Road IMHO. But there isn't a massive amount for kids on the Upper Walthamstow/Hale End side apart from a smallish playground (but we are v v close to Epping Forest). The whole Wood St area is really changing - in the 4 years we've been here, it's smartened up quite a bit. Lots of new developments coming up too. Downsides are that we recently lost the lovely kids playground, and it's looking like we might lose the library too. Take a look at the roads off Upper Walthamstow (eg Greenway Ave) - some nice properties there too. Fulborne Road is v busy (with some truly terrible driving) and further along it you would be quite close to the north circular, so not great air quality (if that's important to you). Also worth looking at properties on the roads that run parallel to Hale End Road, at the Forest Road End - some lovely Victorian houses with nice big gardens (Woodstock Road, Hillcrest Rd etc). Also, no CPZ in that area yet!

Sorry - this is rather longer than I'd planned! Feel free to PM me if you like smile

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