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Getting started with ations - how to best communicate with contractors

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Beesocks Mon 16-Jan-17 21:13:14

Hi everyone!

I moved into a 1960s town house a few years ago that needs a general overhaul which I have been putting off all this time. However it's time for the pink bathroom and grab rails to go and update the place. I don't think there's anything majorly structural to do but there are so many jobs and I'm fairly time-poor that I'm leaning towards getting a contractor in.

I've done the major stuff already - heating / electrics / roof. The stuff that is outstanding are things like:
1. New bathroom
2. New soil pipe
3. Plastering / decorating
4. Flooring stuff
5. Opening out the space under the stairs
6. Patio / bifold doors
7. Some penetrating damp around one window
8. Sorting out the weather board
9. Garden renovation

My main stumbling block is that I don't know how to communicate this to potential contractors e.g. when getting quotes. Do I need to put a spec together in writing? If so, how much detail, how do you know what to write? Do I just walk around pointing at stuff? Becasue there's nothing majorly structural I don't really need an architect.

Any ideas on where to get starred?

Beesocks Mon 16-Jan-17 21:14:52

I'm not sure why it says ations - renovations!

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