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Conveyancing solicitors anyone please recommend?

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mummumlum Sat 14-Jan-17 05:04:25

Hi all,

Can anyone please recommend good solicitor's that don't require lots of information for gifted deposits please?

My parents and sister were helping me to buy my home, but my parents are getting funny when I said I need their bank statements also, while they are fine with giving my gift letter and id they said that giving bank statements is a bit personal and I actually feel wrong and disrespectful for even asking

solicitors I currently have said she needs to see both my mums , dads and my sister and my own bank statements, surely if it was anything doggy it wouldn't even be in a UK bank account.

At lost what to do if my parents want give them to me as I cant afford it on my own.

Thank you


wowfudge Sat 14-Jan-17 07:57:54

I don't think you will find another solicitor will have a different approach or requirements. You and your parents and sister need to realise that this isn't the solicitor being difficult: it is down to two things, 1. stringent anti-money laundering regulations; and 2. the mortgage lender has to be sure you can afford the mortgage and the deposit monies are actually a gift.

Would it be better if your family dealt directly with the solicitor? Then they don't have to share their personal information with you, if that's an issue for any of you.

mummumlum Sat 14-Jan-17 09:46:17

Thanks for your reply, Its just I read on here that some people just got asked for letter of gift and that was it, not sure if the funds are in parents savings or current account but just know my dad wasn't too happy giving out his bank statements as he so old fashioned but maybe if I take the route you said, just lot of inconvenience and delay for myself sad oh well seems I may have no other option.

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