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Door mat carpet

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GinAndOnIt Fri 13-Jan-17 06:46:04

Has anyone done this themselves?

I've lived in quite a few houses that have a door mat carpet for the entire length of the hall, or for the first part of the hallway rather than a doormat that moves around.

In this house, our front door is in the middle of the house, so we just have a small floorspace as our 'hall' with a door either side for kitchen/lounge, and stairs straight ahead of you.

I'd like that small area to be purely doormat. It is currently wood tiles that have seen better days. How easy/hard would this be to do ourselves? Would it need underlay or not? It's concrete under the wood tiles. How easy is it to cut?

wowfudge Sat 14-Jan-17 11:43:45

You can buy coir by the metre from any carpet shop. It has a thick vinyl backing. In our last house, we had an inset coir doormat by the door and the rest of the hall was carpeted. There was a frame round it that it fitted into. The carpet fitter didn't glue it in as you should be able to take it out to bash dust and muck out of it. With ours, you pulled it out by the doorstep.

The carpet fitter cut it with his knife, which is similar to a Stanley knife.

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