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If you relocated, how many times did you view your new house?

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Anjelika Thu 12-Jan-17 16:42:20

Just that really. We are hoping to relocate somewhere just over a 2 hour drive away. Doing a second viewing next week but wondering realistically how many more (if any) we'll need to do.

sarahnova69 Thu 12-Jan-17 16:48:21

Once. smile

But we committed to a moving date for childcare reasons, so when we hadn't found a place to buy in the required time frame we got a short term rental and kept looking. When 'our' house came on the market we'd viewed enough that we knew what we wanted and also knew we'd have to get in there fast.

I don't think many people do more than two viewings, do they? I get that it's a nerve-wracking jump though. Are you renting or buying? How lively is the market in your new area?

PurpleDaisies Thu 12-Jan-17 16:49:34

Just once. We new we liked it as soon as we saw it.

SunnySomer Thu 12-Jan-17 16:51:12

Once here as well. We'd travelled up to do a second viewing on a different house and my DH persuaded me to look at this one too.
Drove me mad that our buyers seemed to visit four or five times before actually buying.

Afishcalledchips Thu 12-Jan-17 16:52:42

We've moved across country and into rented accomodation twice. On both occasions we viewed the houses once.

When we were buying our house we viewed it once, but we knew the area.

Slightlyperturbedowlagain Thu 12-Jan-17 16:53:05

3 but by the third time we'd already paid a full deposit (it was a new build) so were committed. It was 6hrs away, so involved a hotel stay each time and we'd got a buyer for ours so we had to get shifting.

TheMysteriousJackelope Thu 12-Jan-17 16:54:34

Once every time we moved - five times so far.

Our last house we just saw the plot in person and chose the floor plan from a drawing on line.

We did get slightly burned the third time we moved. The owners cleverly kept the blinds shut on the back windows of the house and we didn't go out onto the balcony to avoid disturbing them as they sat watching tv in front of the door out to it. It turned out there was a lady hoarder in the house behind, and the upstairs of our house gave a wonderful view of her garden 'collection'. Fortunately an out of control blue convolvulus swamped her garden from Spring through Autumn.

MoreThanUs Thu 12-Jan-17 16:55:30

Once. I just knew.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 12-Jan-17 17:01:09

Once! Another couple was interested and there was a bidding war- we won.

I've spent longer choosing a new pair of shoes tbh.

Anjelika Thu 12-Jan-17 17:03:58

Wow I'm amazed that some people did it on 1 viewing. Think we saw our current house two or three times but it was empty at the time. It's interesting that so many people just "knew". We saw the house we're doing a second viewing on next week back in Oct and it didn't grab me at the time. It's grown on me since but possibly as nothing else has come on the market!

PurpleDaisies Thu 12-Jan-17 17:05:24

You've obviously never bought in a fast moving market. smile

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 12-Jan-17 17:13:25

We were arranging viewings for weekends mid week then getting calls by Friday saying they'd gone!

Latenightreader Thu 12-Jan-17 17:35:50

Twice - once on the formal viewing (Saturday), the next day to be sure, put in an offer on the Monday. Didn't go inside after that, but

Latenightreader Thu 12-Jan-17 17:36:50

Just discovered a shortcut to post - not sure how that happened...

Didn't go inside after that until I actually bought it, but I did pour over the estate agent's pictures!

Anjelika Thu 12-Jan-17 17:37:03

It's a fast moving market where we are currently living so hoping ours will sell quickly (not yet on the market).

PurpleDaisies Thu 12-Jan-17 17:38:45

Would the seller even consider an offer from someone who hadn't got their house on the market?

ImLadybird Thu 12-Jan-17 17:48:33

Once. It was 250 miles.

wowfudge Thu 12-Jan-17 17:56:58

Once for this one and the last one. We actually saw our current place just before we had a second viewing of another house (same day) and it blew the other one out of the water.

kel12345 Thu 12-Jan-17 18:00:42

We are renting so we only viewed once. If (hopefully when) we are in a position to buy, I'd say we will view two or three times.

FuzzyOwl Thu 12-Jan-17 18:01:45

Once here as well.

Minty82 Thu 12-Jan-17 18:03:50

Once; two hours drive away too. We were moving into an area where houses weren't staying on the market longer than a week - had to be decisive!

Anjelika Thu 12-Jan-17 18:13:16

I am a little concerned we haven't got ours on the market yet but it's a fairly slow market where we're moving to and a fairly quick one where we are selling. EA here who we are hoping to put ours on with has offered to speak to other EA if needs be and tell them he'd expect to sell ours in 2 weeks.

NewgatesKnockers Thu 12-Jan-17 18:16:03

Just once, a ten hour drive away. In fact, when I drove down to move in, it was dark and raining, I couldn't see the house numbers, and couldn't remember which one it was. I had to drive down the street hitting the garage door opener until one opened.

fakenamefornow Thu 12-Jan-17 18:17:36


But I'm not that fussed about where I live.

fakenamefornow Thu 12-Jan-17 18:18:43

I should add, it was a winter evening as well so I couldn't really see the garden.

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