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Ideas for a soild stone fireplace surround

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ladyclarandon Thu 12-Jan-17 12:29:29

Sorry if I have two very similar messages about this, I went into preview and the first message just vanished so I don't think it created a thread.
I've just moved into a flat that has a grey solid stone fireplace that looks a bit like this, although mine has no fire in it as the vendor had a gas fire there and took it with them. I don't really like the fireplace but don't want to get it removed. From Rightmove photos, some of my neighbours have painted theirs the same colour as the walls so that the fireplace doesn't look so obvious. Is this a good thing to do or will it ruin it forever (thinking about future buyers who might like the greyness)? If paintable, would it be a fairly easy job to do?

Second issue, I don't want to put a fire in the hole as flat is warm enough with GCH but need some inspiration about what to do with it, other than boarding it up and sticking a big plant in front. Hole is not that big or deep (don't have measurements to hand) and sort of curved so not really useful for storage.

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