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user1484132918 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:12:03

I have just recently become a single mum of two boy aged 2 and 4. Both kids were born after September hence takes longer to start school.
I live in Essex in a 3 bedroom house and pay 885 PCM. I only get 62 pounds a week via the council due my earnings from 3 days a week job. I commute to central London for work. I get help from HMRC towards childcare even though this has been a nightmare as in two occasions they've asked for some money back ...

I have recently put in my resignation at work which is due in Feb 2017. I am contemplating to move away from Essex but haven't made up my mind exactly where to move. I have been looking at Nottingham area but do not know where exactly is good area for a budget of 500 plus PCM.
The aim here is I want to live in a good area with good schools and hopefully save money to buy my own property one day.
Cons are
I do not know where to move
My kids are still young and still require childcare (Dad helps sometimes with childcare and he stays in Essex
My first son has mild autism, currently the specialist teacher has applied for him to get funding for support when he starts school hence if I relocate now the whole process might be in vain

I just need ADVICE from mums who have been in similar situations ..Thanks

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