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Leyton/Stoners and Londoners advice please

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FrownsAndDimples Wed 11-Jan-17 10:20:29

So after 8 years of living with DMIL we have finally managed to save a deposit big enough to be able to buy our own place. It has taken us so long to get here that I am shit scared of making the wrong choice! Currently we are in South Woodford/Wanstead borders so I know Leytonstone a fair bit by passing through it over the years but Leyton is alien to me.

We are not able to afford SW/Wanstead so are looking beyond the green man roundabout. Does anyone have any advice about Leytonstone or Leyton, which would be better? I know Leytonstone was always seen as 'posher' but the buzz seems to be surrounding Leyton these days and there are talks of it being the new hackney. We can't afford Bushwood, can just about afford the Upper Leytonestone area, not that I'm fully clear on what roads make up Upper Leytonstone.

I don't actually know if I am asking the right questions. Just general info about your own expriences and where you see the area heading would be great. We are 32 and 33, first time buyers and have a 4 year old if it matters.

FrownsAndDimples Wed 11-Jan-17 10:25:01

I'm also interested to see if there will be in any don't do it, move elsewhere comments. I think we want to remain in London for now (DH is a born and bred Londoner and I've been here since Uni). I am unsure as to where else in London we would get a house (with all the usual good schools, good high st requirements) for sub 550k without moving to the arse end of nowhere.

I work from home so could be anywhere and DH is in Barking. He keeps telling me its gentrifying but I am not so sure. I also keep saying that if we are paying a premium to remain in London, I want it to feel like London and have easy access to the west end. Otherwise if it takes an hour to get into central, I may as well move to Oxted which is where I'm from originally.

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 10:28:25

* I know Leytonstone was always seen as 'posher'*


Seriously? Since when?

Where are you commuting into? Have you seriously considered parts of Surrey at all?

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 10:28:53

Oh sorry. You said Barking. Hmm.

FrownsAndDimples Wed 11-Jan-17 10:32:18

Haha, did I get the wrong? I have read every similar thread there has been on this and general googling suggested Leytonstone was always slightly more desirable than Leyton. But I am unsure if this is still the case today.

0phelia Wed 11-Jan-17 10:34:18

I live in Walthanstow so only know Leighton from passing through / visiting. It's alright around there but not on the tube. You'd need overground / bus transport.
Any area close to the river Lea is a good area it's like having a mini countryside.

Have you looked into Walthamstow or Stoke Newington? There are plenty of affordable homes still in those areas.

I'd say for Leighton/stone buy asap because it will be gentrifying meaning property prices will go up.

It's not as nice as Stoke Newington, which has church street. Walthamstow has the street markets. Hackney has "upped and comed" already (unaffordable)...
What about Stratford? That's on the tube at least, and on the River Lea...

0phelia Wed 11-Jan-17 10:35:23

Yeah it's not "posh" in leightonstone lol. Just getting pricey.

MauiPooTroll Wed 11-Jan-17 10:35:36

Plaistow? It's not exactly buzzing, but is in prime location to become gentrified in the near future. There are some hidden gems too, if you look for them.

Plus, Westfield, Olympic Park etc on your doorstep and tube access straight to Barking.

Shantotto Wed 11-Jan-17 10:36:49

Stoke Newington isn't affordable is it?! It's easily 550k for one bedroom flats these days!

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 10:37:59

Well it's a traditionally very working class area. It's gentrifying in the sense that prices are going up and the shops get better but gentrified isn't posh IYSWIM.

Battersea is now mega expensive but it isn't Chelsea.

It depends what you're after.

WhatKatyDidnt Wed 11-Jan-17 10:41:32

Leyton is on the central line, isn't it?

It's like many places in London - the main drags are not that pretty but behind them lie some fairly attractive residential streets. I prefer Leytonstone personally, but I'd look at both when househunting. Make sure you're near a decent school. Have you thought about Manor Park? Cheaper (I think).

FrownsAndDimples Wed 11-Jan-17 10:42:00

Nope Stokey isn't affordable unfortunately. Even Leyton/stone is slipping out of reach fast. We'd like a house.

Re 'posher', more desirable might have been a better word. I realise it isn't exactly Wanstead.

Thanks for all the replies so far, super helpful.

TinyTear Wed 11-Jan-17 10:44:09

Ah just saw you say you can't do Bushwood... I bought my first ever flat (a one bedroom one) in Bushwood in a conversion with 9 flats...

This was over ten years ago and I moved out in 2009.
I did quite like it, even the long walk to Tesco... and the doctor's surgery by Tesco was quite a good one...

ACatCalledFang Wed 11-Jan-17 10:44:54

I don't know Leyton or Leytonstone well enough to comment but in terms of other areas nearby, you could just about get a house on the east side of Walthamstow (might be Upper Walthamstow, near North Circular and also Epping Forest) for that sort of budget. Not sure about other areas of Walthamstow but worth looking.

You could also consider Highams Park or Chingford. They might be a bit more suburban than you're looking for but the shopping facilities are ok and the rail links into central London are good (also option to change at Walthamstow Central for the tube and, when it's fixed, overground from Queens Road to Barking).

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 10:49:11

Have you looked at Upminster/Hornchurch at all?

The difference in air, schools, space for the money and the same commute would be too much for me.

penguincrumble Wed 11-Jan-17 10:50:50

Yes Leytonstone is posher than Leyton. Or always used to be anyway. Both on the tube. Have you looked at forest gate? Don't know about prices, there's no tube so might be cheaper and there are trains to Stratford / Liverpool st.

If I was you I'd identify schools I would be happy with first and buy something in the catchment. Waltham Forest website will have last admitted distances.

Stay in london it's really nice star

FrownsAndDimples Wed 11-Jan-17 10:56:01

Highams Park and Chingford seem to be similarly priced to Leytonstone. I had discounted it due to the tube factor. Might need another rethink.

Upminster/Hornchurch ditto. I had looked at Gidea Park./Romford. Feels miles out and suburban. Think I would prefer to stay as central as possible.

This gave me a wobble Look at all that extra house for the money and 3 stops down on the central line. No cafes and restaurants though, grrr.

NotCitrus Wed 11-Jan-17 10:58:19

Upper Leytonstone is those big houses in the square northeast of the Central line towards Whipps Cross, Northwest of the GOBlin rail line. I think it's just posh because the houses are bigger and it's suburban style wider roads. Leyton houses/converted flats tend to be smaller but as pp said, off the main roads which are full of shops, there's some nice roads just behind.
Jenny Hammond primary is I believe still good. Kids travel all over from there to various secondaries.

Currently while the GOBlin is closed, the whole area might look less attractive to buyers - houses were being snapped up as soon as advertised a year or two ago (family gave up trying to buy there) but things seem to have calmed down a bit.

It ain't suburbia, but if you can easily get to Wanstead Flats or Epping Forest, it's a good urban place to live.

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 11:00:08

There are cafes and shops clustered around Woodford Station, more down at Chigwell Rd and more one step along at George Lane near where you are now. Plus green spaces and Redbridge schools. I wouldn't rule Woodford out just like that if you like that house.

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 11:02:56

Leytonstone to Woodford is such a short hop. Are there other areas you've looked at previously?

MackerelOfFact Wed 11-Jan-17 11:03:00

I lived in Upper Leytonstone for a couple of years until late last year. My understanding is that Upper Leytonstone is the area between the station/A12, Whipps Cross and Hollow Ponds. I really liked it, there's a good combination of open space, transport links and amenities. The housing stock is lovely and I never felt unsafe - there is some crime and probably a slight drug problem, but there's no real gang culture or anything like that. The high street is reasonably pleasant, at least closer the Green Man end, and improving.

I think Leytonstone is a much nicer place for a family; Leyton is a bit edgier. If you use the tube to get into Central London, it's usually fine getting on at Leytonstone, but by Leyton it's a real squeeze. I haven't really spent much time in Leyton TBH aside from going to Asda or TK Maxx, as there doesn't really seem to be much happening there unless you're a hipster student.

I now live in one of the prime 'gentrified' areas mentioned in a few of the previous posts, and although I love it here I do miss my Stoney days.

FrownsAndDimples Wed 11-Jan-17 11:52:26

Hi thanks for all your responses. I am still here and checking your posts and then goung off to do some frantic rightmoving and googling.

Help continues to be gratefully received.

FiddleFigs Wed 11-Jan-17 16:05:57

you could get something like this in Upper Walthamstow - near good primary schools, fairly close to the overground, north circ and Epping Forest.

RussianCoffee Wed 11-Jan-17 17:39:42

I'm in Leytonstone and love it smile. There is a great sense of community (especially within Bushwood or upper Leytonstone which have active residents associations), lots of nice cafés, groups for various things etc.

Agree with there being more buzz around Leyton lately but it really depends what you want. There is probably more "going on" in Leyton. You could probably say it was edgier, maybe more trendy? The big advantage to Leytonstone for us was proximity to Wanstead flats/hollow ponds. We wanted a big park within very easy walking distance. Also the nicer bits of Leyton (around Frances road imo)are a little bit further from the tube than we are.

Do you mind me asking what your budget is?

Feel free to ask any questions (here or PM) and I'll answer if I can.

TeddyBee Wed 11-Jan-17 21:03:39

I'm Woodford bridge - I didn't even consider Leyton/Leytonstone when we were looking to move. It's an hour into town from our house, including the twenty minute walk to woodford station and you would get a LOT for your money. There's a lovely four bed semi right opposite my children's school for that.

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