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samndar Mon 09-Jan-17 20:09:13

I am trying to sort out the plan of the extension myself,, i have been trying to be as creative as an architect, as the building is to replace a conservatory. i really want to fit in a utlity room. And i have just run out of ideas of how to be within planning laws of the size of the building and fit in a utility room, as well as use it like a normal room just for space. does anyone have a book they know of that has a nice lot of picture ideas for planning extensions, most are a lot of reading, i need pictures first.

johnd2 Mon 09-Jan-17 22:13:40

I think an architect is trying to make a space that works well for you, fits in your budget, satisfies the planners, and is technically feasible and has good design. Not really just trying to be creative! The training is as long as becoming a doctor!
We designed an extension in our head, then asked an architect to come, then he basically tore up our ideas and replaced with something much much better. And actually a lot smaller in the end.
Think of it as an architect would be 5% of the cost of an extension but they could make it twice as good.

HomeExtender Tue 10-Jan-17 10:26:56

Have a look at photos on Pintrest and Houzz.
Houzz also has an advice forum so you could post your floorplan in the design section and ask for advice. I've seen lots of helpful pros offering free ideas.

HiDBandSIL Wed 11-Jan-17 05:20:45

Look at planning applications either on your local authority's website or any other local authority's website.

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