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Release from mortgage

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Scarlett1971 Sun 08-Jan-17 09:45:26

Hello, I am new to this site no excuse me if this is posted in the wrong section! I need some advice regarding a mortgage my husband is still attached to with his ex wife. They divorced 5 years ago and he allowed her to remain in the property and he gave up the deeds to the house to her as he didn't want their divorce affecting his children. He then rented and I met him four years ago and we married last year. The courts ruled that she should do her best to release him from the mortgage as the banks won't as he was the main earner. She had a buyer last summer and she pulled out last minute as she didn't want to down size. The house is worth around 430000 and she has around 250000 equity in it. She's been living with a partner there over 18 months. My husband gave her until after Xmas to release him but she won't answer his emails to him to confirm this. We are living in my house which is too small for us with five children ( 2 of his) we can't get a mortgage together as she defaulted on their joint one and it's stopping us ever moving, getting a loan etc! She blackmails him saying if he forces a sale she move the kids two hours away even though she could buy a four bedroomed house out right in a less posh area where she lives. We don't know how to take this forward as she seems to be in control 😔

wowfudge Sun 08-Jan-17 12:20:45

He needs to go back to court if she was directed to sell and didn't proceed. He should see a solicitor.

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