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Bathroom problems

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Turquoisetamborine Sat 07-Jan-17 12:40:21

We bought this house from my dad, when he bought it, it needed total refurbishment so everything was done about four years ago.

The bathroom has a standard white suite in (he's a landlord so he's used to doing things on the cheap) which is fine, nothing fancy but liveable, there is lino which goes up and just under the bath and the walls are tiled half way. The sink has cracked as a mirror fell on it. Paint flakes off the wall in parts due to condensation even though we open the window. The outside wall is completely tiled so there is nowhere to fit an extractor without breaking the tiles and needing it replastered.

We've just had a beautiful kitchen extension done which is under the bathroom. My kids seem to be unable to have a bath without splashing water out. I don't want to stop them playing and have a bath mat but water creeps under the bath and it's marking the ceiling of the new extension. We've pulled the panel of the bath off and the floor boards are damp.

We are short of cash due to the extension but obviously don't want it ruined by the bathroom.

I'm guessing a new bathroom would cost at least 4K minimum.

Do you think getting better flooring, a new sink to replace the cracked one and seeing if we could match the tiles to tile all the way up to the ceiling would be a false economy? Would this even help the water from bath situation?

wowfudge Sat 07-Jan-17 14:12:10

Using a core drill to make a hole for an extractor fan needn't damage more than a couple of tiles. Definitely fit an extractor.

Are you sure it is water going under the bath which is causing the floorboards to be wet? I wonder if actually the bath seal has gone or the tiles need re-grouting. Is there a shower over the bath? Wet floorboards doesn't sound like the result of a few splashes from the children. It sounds like water damage caused over a long period or a failure in the seal or grouting to me.

You can fix whatever is damaging the floorboards and patch things up with a new sink, etc and start saving to replace the bathroom at a later date.

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