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Flooring - Vinyl Roll or Vinyl Tiles or...???

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Coups77 Sat 07-Jan-17 11:45:58

Hi all,

My dilemma is this:

I need to replace the flooring in my through lounge/ dining room. Currently we have laminate which is old and curling in some places due to water damage.

The issues facing us are these-

We have a dog who suffers with bouts of incontinence, so whatever we put down must be watertight.

We have a few pieces of large heavy furniture that absolutely won't get out of the room unless we break them up/destroy them (or take windows out and put them in a container for the floor installation- we don't have the budget for this)

I'm thinking that vinyl roll would be the best option but I think installation of a roll won't be possible because we can't clear the entire floor in one go.

LVT on the other hand could be a go-er, as we can clear one half of the room, get the floor laid, give it a few days to cure, move the furniture to the new floor and get the other half done....however, to guarantee its watertight, I'm thinking it will need to be varnished.


Can LVT be varnished?
Would this solution prove as costly as real wood parquet?
What other options have I not considered?

Thank you please.

Ps any suggestions to get rid of the dog won't fix the issue as I will then be heart broken and spend all the budget on booze to drown my sorrows and still have a crappy floor (pardon the pun!)

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