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Washer in bathroom... temporary

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StillRunningWithScissors Fri 06-Jan-17 12:49:42


We are hopefully about to embark on an xtension, which will put the kitchen out of action for a good while.

We are looking to relocate it upstairs, using the bathroom for water/washing up.

I'd like to ideally move the washing machine up into the bathroom as well, but not sure how to go about plumbing it in. Do we need to replace the trap on the bathroom sink, and connect into that for the waste water?

And how can we set up the hose into the machine? Can we simply change the tap/tap fitting on the sink or bath, then run cold water when needing the machine?

The current bathroom is very dated, and will be upgraded in a year or two (as a separate job). We have a shower room in the loft, so can do without the main bathroom as a bathroom during the building work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

YelloDraw Fri 06-Jan-17 13:26:17

Plumber will be able to do the connections for you off the sink cheaply of pipe work is accessible.

More concerned about power supply?

StillRunningWithScissors Fri 06-Jan-17 13:39:30

Thanks @YelloDraw. We'd be connecting the power outside of the bathroom, so no worry about plugs in the room.

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