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Boiler Service

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Lemansky Fri 06-Jan-17 11:34:34

We had a new boiler installed around a year ago, I think it was commissioned on the 12th.

I contacted the engineer to get a service booked in for January before Christmas and he said he's be in touch after Christmas. I emailed him this morning and got an out of office saying he'd be back on the 16th Jan.

I know our warranty will be void if we don't get it serviced yearly, but will it be void if we don't get it serviced before/on the 12th Jan - are they that strict? We've got a 10 year warranty so don't want to jeopardise that!

Many thanks for any info.

steppingout Fri 06-Jan-17 11:44:10

It might depend on your boiler (we have a Worcester), but our plumber says that they tend not to be bothered about it being serviced exactly within a year as long as it is done annually and within a reasonable amount of time from the installation date. We had ours installed in mid December and getting it serviced mid this month. Granted, I haven't checked with the boiler company but he's been perfectly trustworthy so far!

Lemansky Fri 06-Jan-17 12:00:23

Thank you, that's reassuring! I did just read through their warranty info on the Worcester website, as I don't have the paperwork to hand at the moment, and it doesn't specify anything other than annual servicing.
Hopefully it'll all be ok.

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