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Please help me with pedestal wood burning stove (pic)

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Nospringflower Tue 03-Jan-17 16:51:08


I am thinking about getting a wood burning stove for my living room. It is a round room and not a huge room so I am looking to get as small a one I can to provide the right amount of heat.

I like the style of this kind of thing: Does anyone have this kind of fire and any recommendations / things to think about? I think it is going to cost us a fortune anyway as we don't have a chimney and have an overhang that will make it tricky!

brusselssprouts Tue 03-Jan-17 17:02:04

I have a stove that stands on a kind of frame but the effect is the same as a pedestal, ie it's lifted up quite high off the ground. We don't have an overhang though and so the (metal stovepipe) chimney goes all the way up and through the sloping roof. No upstairs in our house.

What/ where is your overhang? Could your stovepipe go out high up through an exterior wall? There are building regs which govern how close you can have the stove to other parts of your structure, how the chimney is treated, whether you have to have vents etc. Our local suppliers/ installers were very helpful.

Nospringflower Tue 03-Jan-17 17:15:37

Thanks brusselssprouts - I am planning to go to a shop tomorrow and have also done some online thing about a survey / quote. It's hard to describe our overhang but it is a 2 story round extension (with the upper floor having the roof as it's ceiling) out the back of our bungalow and then the roof comes out and covers it all but overhangs!

It means it can't go up as the room is above and it can't just go out because above would be the overhang. Will probably just need to see what they say when they come out. We could have had one at the time of extension but I didn't want it and now have changed my mind (because the room is cold) but we didn't get as far as having any plans for where / how.

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