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Installing a log burner in a bungalow with no chimney

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user1483449298 Tue 03-Jan-17 13:27:12

I am half way through renovating a small 1980s bungalow.

I love the idea of having a log burner but being the age the house is - no chimney.

So far I've been quoted £1800 to install the flue, so the burner and hearth stone etc would be on top.

Seems a bit pricey so I just wanted to see if anyone has carried out similar work.

I am on the outskirts of Oxford.

Any thoughts appreciated.

PotteringAlong Tue 03-Jan-17 13:29:00

We installed a log burner into an existing chimney and it cost about £2k - it's just what it costs. We got about 4 quotes and they all came in at about the same amount.

Murphysgirl Tue 03-Jan-17 13:31:49

That sounds similar to the quote I've had. Mine is a bit more as I'm having a false chimney breast built too.

hooliodancer Tue 03-Jan-17 13:34:10

That's what it costs. In fact I was quoted a bit more than that.

user1483449298 Tue 03-Jan-17 13:35:08

Thank you all, really helpful.

I was clearly being a bit too optimistic about the price!


BroomstickOfLove Tue 03-Jan-17 13:44:28

That's less than I was quoted to have my existing chimney telined to use for an open fire.

lukasgrahamfan Tue 03-Jan-17 14:45:14

I had a multifuel stove [Clearview Pioneer 5k] installed in my bungalow about 4 years ago for about £2800 in total, including the hearth. It seemed the average price then and it was a good job with a quality stove.

Bluntness100 Tue 03-Jan-17 14:46:48

This seems about the right price, I think they all charge roughly in the same corridor.

anonymousbird Tue 03-Jan-17 14:49:34

Sounds about right. It's a hec of a job when you have no existing chimney (we did this exact installation just before Christmas!). Oh my was it worth it though. It's actually our second one blush as we love them so much.

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