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Moving out of the South East

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walkersoutandabout Mon 02-Jan-17 10:41:48

We have a dd in year 4 currently. We live in a tiny house which desperately needs quite a lot of work which we can't afford to do. Nor can we afford to buy a slightly bigger/better condition house in the area in which we live. We are also in catchment for a not-so-good secondary school.

So for some time now, I've been looking at other, cheaper, places where we could move to, which have a good secondary school.

I've looked at Dorset - Gillingham School? The Gryphon School? And what about Somerset? Any good schools I should look at there? Lincolnshire? I know there's good schools but am worried it might be too rural for us - dh is of Asian descent and what with Brexit etc, we have felt a little unsettled and I know he's found himself wondering if people voted for Brexit because they didn't like 'the likes of him'. It's made him feel uncomfortable, so we would want an area which was a little more likely not to be monocultural, if that makes sense.

We could afford maybe up to about £240k on a house.

If anyone has any good advice, I'd be grateful.

specialsubject Mon 02-Jan-17 17:07:28

Mn thinks brexit voter = racist but mn is more than a bit thick at times. Plenty of remain voters could be racist, or not. Glastonbury festival, that bastion of tolerance , peace and love, had a lot of anti-european hate this year yet the message of the festival was strongly remain.

And rural areas can actually cope with people of Asian descent.

Push this to the bottom of your list.

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