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help, screws on door knobs too long

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LeeMiller Mon 02-Jan-17 10:07:28

I need some knobs and drawer pulls for our kitchen cupboards. No pre-drilled holes. The doors and drawer-fronts are 2cm thick, but literally all the knobs I have found that I like have screws or threads which are way too long. I don't want the sharp ends sticking out into the cupboard or drawer.

How can I shorten them? Do I need a special tool? There are 2 options: wood screw, or thread and bolt - I don't know which is better for shortening. Could I replace the thread with a shorter one - or will it be attached to the knob (buying online so I can't check)?

Sorry if these are really stupid questions, I am a diy idiot.

Palomb Mon 02-Jan-17 10:40:26

Get yourself to b&q and buy some screws of the appropriate length smile

LeeMiller Mon 02-Jan-17 11:14:41

thanks Palomb. But... the knobs are attched to the screws so they can't be changed with shorter ones, only trimmed, just not sure how.

May be able to swap the thread and bolt ones but these are my second choice...

MrCreosote Mon 02-Jan-17 11:21:26

A pair of grips, a hacksaw and a metal file should do the trick.

LeeMiller Mon 02-Jan-17 11:23:51

grips? Like a vice?

LeeMiller Mon 02-Jan-17 11:27:42

Another dumb question... do I trim it after I fix it to the door or beforehand (will that damage the screw thread)?

MrCreosote Mon 02-Jan-17 13:04:33

Adjustable grips are a bit like plyers. You will need to be careful that you don't damage the thread. You will need to cut the screws before fitting and the metal file is to file off any sharp burrs.
Practice on a normal screw first so you can get the hang of it. You might be better if someone can hold the grips steady for you as you saw the screws.
Hope this helps.

LeeMiller Mon 02-Jan-17 19:18:08

Thanks so much Mr Creosote. That is a very clear

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