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Induction range cooker recommendation

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PosynPip Thu 29-Dec-16 09:33:03

Right, family has gone, Christmas food all eaten, I'm back to sorting the kitchen project which is starting 3rd Jan.

Can anyone recommend their induction range cooker? Or even just a decent brand? The choice is mind boggling and I don't know if it's worth paying more for a better brand...


boobsaclock Thu 29-Dec-16 09:44:40

I'd just get the one with the longest warranty

PosynPip Thu 29-Dec-16 10:12:05

Ooh gawd, that doesn't sound good!

EchidnasPhone Thu 29-Dec-16 10:15:19

I have the rangemaster Elise in blue. It's fab! Easy to use, safe as it cools down super fast, cleans well with just water. The ovens & grill are also really good. It was a big decision as there's so many choices & not just colours. I'm happy with my purchase.

zgaze Thu 29-Dec-16 10:18:15

We've got a Mercury, it's gorgeous. Could never go back to gas now I've had induction.

wowfudge Thu 29-Dec-16 10:48:56

I've got my eye on the Stoves Sterling one - 110cm. It got 73% in the Which? tests and is available in different sizes and finishes. Cheaper than some of the others although the stainless steel version is more expensive than the black.

boobsaclock Thu 29-Dec-16 10:50:41

Oh no I didn't mean you'll necessarily need the warranty but I find that most makes are similar if you have the same budget so you're better off getting one with a good warranty smile

PosynPip Thu 29-Dec-16 10:58:28

Haha, phew thanks boobs!

And thanks for all the other recommendations everyone, they're so helpful to give me somewhere to start.

Lakedeal Thu 29-Dec-16 11:41:36

Really helpful thread - I'm also soon to be in the market for a range.

One thing I've been confused by is the storage drawers on some of the larger ranges. Are these any use or are they just there to fill some space? Thanks!

EchidnasPhone Thu 29-Dec-16 11:54:09

Storage drawer is brilliant for baking trays & muffin trays. More ovens means more trays so I have about 6 of various sizes stashed in there out of the way.

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Thu 29-Dec-16 13:14:38

I'm looking for an induction range as well, looking at a range master one, very well timed thread op

Would be very interested if anyone can advice of any that weren't any good.

FlowerOfTheValley Fri 30-Dec-16 21:16:07

Bumping this.

I am currently looking at the Rangemaster ones as I like the idea of the Multifunctional oven and the extra shelves on the right hand oven.

I don't know a lot about the different brands though.

Difficultyear2015 Fri 30-Dec-16 23:22:53

I have this one - love having one big door!700000001497114!146819787796!!!g!!PRODUCT+GROUP&device=m&ds_kids=92700015677241050&PLA=1&gclid=CJ6Q8MqHndECFQEz0wod8mIDAg&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CMSKjMuHndECFasD0wodGLgGcg

thisisbloodyridiculous Sat 31-Dec-16 00:13:33

We have the range master classic induction and I worship the thing blush

JT05 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:23:40

I was very sad to leave my Rangemaster in our old house. I miss it more than the house! New kitchen has all sining, all dancing equipment, but I still would prefer a rangemaster.

Blacksox Sat 31-Dec-16 11:45:36

We have the Rangemaster Professional Plus with induction hob. Completely love it.

PosynPip Sat 31-Dec-16 12:09:10

Looks like Rangemaster is definitely the brand to aim for. Thanks everyone!

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