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Living in Worle - advice/locals?

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squiish Wed 28-Dec-16 21:01:22

Hi there
We are looking into a potential move to Worle, as parents who help with childcare live South Bristol and the rest of our family/friends live in Bristol.
We currently live in Glos, and it feels like it would be much the same situation if we moved to Worle! (I.e similar distance and travel issues)

Do you live in Worle/Weston? What's it like for young families? WWYD? Move to be a bit closer? Stay put?

I'm hoping to try for DC2 in 2017 so feel like childcare and activites/friends are important things to consider if we move.

Bigbongos123 Thu 29-Dec-16 11:28:45

Don't bother. Traffic between Weston and Bristol is awful and yes, you'll be in same position you are now, with worse commuting to contend with.

lukasgrahamfan Thu 29-Dec-16 19:29:53

I'm in the area and love it. But I don't commute at peak times so no bad experience of traffic problems. I regularly go to south Bristol in the daytime without problems. Bus service is regular, also plenty of trains. There is a park and ride on the outskirts. Traffic can be a problem anywhere these days and Weston/Worle isn't perfect, but nowhere is. But it's very affordable for families.

Lots of childcare here and things for families to do, schools etc. Lots of clubs and leisure activities going on. The shopping in Weston isn't amazing though and we could do with an updated cinema but that looks like changing.

Everything is here as well as beaches/woods and close to other coastal towns, countryside, the M5 [busy at peak times and in summer obviously], with North and East Devon and Dorset not too far away. Lots of lovely walks and places to visit in Somerset too.

But then I'm a positive person and appreciative of all that is on my doorstep.

UncomfortableBadger Fri 30-Dec-16 08:29:34

I'm not in Worle but live in a town just south of Bristol and agree with the PP who said that the traffic problems here are terrible.

Used to take me 45 minutes each way from South Bristol into the city centre (before I moved out of the city) and that was going against the traffic!

Any reason you're not looking at Bristol? There are some reasonably priced bits if you look a little further out...

squiish Fri 30-Dec-16 08:48:16

Thanks for the advice so far.
We used to live in north bristol renting then moved to Glos so we could buy a house with garage. We're now in a position where we don't want to downsize or get less for our money IYSWIM... We have looked around Bristol but it's just not happening sad

The house we have seen is St Georges which is close to the M5 - not sure if that is still classed as Worle?

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