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Washing Machine recommendations please

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mumma24 Wed 28-Dec-16 19:14:16

Which brand would you recommend ?

We're a family of 6 so it'll get well used

Whatdoiknow31 Wed 28-Dec-16 20:23:39

We've just got an AEG. Very robust machine, although a bit pricey. But I wanted something that would last of good quality- so far so good.

Also has 5yrs parts and labour warranty, which as they say the average life span of a washing machine these days is 5yrs speaks volumes!

JT05 Wed 28-Dec-16 21:49:52

I'd second AEG, some JL machines are made by AEG.

poisonedbypen Wed 28-Dec-16 21:57:40

Electrolux make JL machines. They also own AEG, Tricity, Bendix & Zanussi, so no guarantee that the JL ones are AEG. WE have a Miele. It is good, V quiet but doesn't rinse well on the short cycles.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 22:38:44

AEG used to be a fine German engineering company, but they went bust and Electrolux bought the name. I don't know if they're any better than other Electrolux goods now.

Mostly Bosch white goods in this house. Siemens are also made by BSH, we have a couple, they are aimed a bit more upmarket but similar build and reliability.

I'd go for Bosch from John Lewis; and if you have a lot of family washing, buy their extended guarantee. If you see last year's model on a clearance offer, it is likely to be just as good as this year's model.

Miele have a policy of not selling parts or repair manuals to independents, and their own repair network can be rather expensive.

suze28 Wed 28-Dec-16 22:40:25

We are onto our second Bosch machine; the previous one kept going for seventeen years. We bought this one from John Lewis.

mummytime Wed 28-Dec-16 22:50:44

I love my Bosch, and have only just had to call a repair man out after 13+ years (brushes on the motor). The most common problem I can fix myself (something blocking the outlet - hair, DD's hair grips, other odd bits).

Whatdoiknow31 Wed 28-Dec-16 23:31:45

We had a Bosch washing machine - lasted about 5yrs before Printed Circuit board went ( on New Year's Day! - not impressed) - on the other hand we have a Bosch dishwasher now entering its 11th year and still good as new (touches head). It was a more expensive model then the Bosch washer though, if that makes any difference?

NewYear2017 Wed 28-Dec-16 23:36:00

I've had indesit and it was awful, though to be fair it was a washer dryer so maybe hats why.

I've got a Beko now, and it's really efficient. The only think I don't like is if you turn it off, you have to programme everything from scratch. I preferred the old dial that stays put so you can do the same way every day. Sigh.

It's a quiet spin though. It just gurgles water like the machine is filling up. Really quiet. Great spin at 15000 too.

NicknameUsed Wed 28-Dec-16 23:38:38

Another Bosch fan here. The machine we have was already in the kitchen when we moved in 13 years ago. It has never needed repairing in that time. Our previous machine was a Zanussi that gave us over 20 years of reliable service.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 23:41:17

If you phone Bosch for a repair, they may offer you a fixed-price repair, or a 12-month contract which is cunningly priced to be not much more than one repair. Obviously they hope you will keep paying them yearly, and that it will never go wrong again.

Thesunrising Wed 28-Dec-16 23:41:47

Bosch here. I've got one from the Classix cheaper range. Three years going strong, though going a bit mouldy in rubber door seal. Best thing is the 15 minute 30 degree cycle for doing loads in a hurry. Love it.

DramaAlpaca Wed 28-Dec-16 23:42:01

I always go for Bosch or Siemens.

schmack Wed 28-Dec-16 23:45:54

Family of 5 here, I've had 2 Siemens ones both very good. First one lasted 11 years (and was repairable, just wanted a more energy efficient newer one), have had the replacement 2 years. No issues, heavy use, loads of blockage incidents (Lego, stones, bra wire, socks, coins), all fine.

NicknameUsed Wed 28-Dec-16 23:49:55

"Best thing is the 15 minute 30 degree cycle for doing loads in a hurry. Love it."

That is probably why you have mould in the seal. You need to do a 60 degree wash now and again with bio powder to kill it off.

BishopBrennansArse Wed 28-Dec-16 23:50:31

Love my Bosch

derenstar Wed 28-Dec-16 23:55:43

We've had a Siemens machine for 5 years now and I've found nothing to complain about. We do several loads a week and it's not yet let us down. Had a hotpoint before and it died after 3 years!

MollyHuaCha Wed 28-Dec-16 23:58:19

I'm happy with my Miele.

Needmoresleep Thu 29-Dec-16 00:01:13

Appliance repair man says to avoid new AEG machine. Bosch is fine. Miele if you have the money. Apparently it's very hard to access the bits that break in Korean machines and no one likes to repair them.

He was servicing our 20 year old AEG which he says is working better than many new machines and should continue to do so for years. Maybe that's why the went broke. No repeat business.

MrsJamesFraser Thu 29-Dec-16 00:02:59

Samsung eco bubble with 9kg drum works well for our family of 5 (including 2 runners and a baby!)

LizzyBennett Thu 29-Dec-16 00:03:23

I've just had my first problem with my Bosch classix machine. It's 12 years old and the brushes have gone - £60 repair and it's good as new.
Would definitely recommend

Briette Thu 29-Dec-16 02:46:50

We had an AEG washer-dryer based on their old reputation - it worked splendidly for a couple of years then developed a habit of breaking and refusing to heat any more, which rather crippled it at the most stressful times. It was a relatively easy repair (or would have been if I was mighty enough to say that heaving it out and onto its side was easy for me!) but after it did it for the fourth time I decided to listen to the newest repair man and replace it with another. He advised that AEG had really gone downhill and to go for a better brand.

Newer machine is Bosch (via JL) and it's very good. DH still hasn't figured its arcane presets out (I read the manual!) but it actually properly dries clothes and has been nice and reliable since, even through a traumatic move and shoddy installation by the easily-distracted delivery company.

BumWad Thu 29-Dec-16 03:01:23

I have a 2 year old Bosch. It's great

ozboomoo Thu 29-Dec-16 08:43:10

Bosch here too .... Although we did have an zanussi before that which we kept in an outhouse which was not insulated at all and that kept going for a good 7 years ... When we moved we sold it and replaced with Bosch...

mumma24 Tue 03-Jan-17 19:04:36

Thank you everyone for your help, going to see what deals they have on these

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