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Rust specks on new Franke sink

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Squidgems Wed 28-Dec-16 00:46:50

I've had a new kitchen for less than a month and today noticed what looks like tiny specks of what looks like the beginnings of rust on the Franke Ascona stainless steel sink. I've been using a washing up bowl and leaving it in the sink.

I thought I'd bought a good quality sink and now this. Are my actions causing the the problem or should I get back to Homebase who supplied the sink?

MrCreosote Wed 28-Dec-16 01:44:21

Proper stainless steel should not rust. Take photos, go back to Homebase, and complain.

If you can get a refund, take the money and go elsewhere. If not, just get a replacement. .

I personally don't rate the quality at Homebase.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 02:49:39

It can be caused by chemicals such as limescale removers or drain cleaners, or m!uuy

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 03:08:00

...or salt, or food particles , or acids such as tomato ketchup, or contact with non-stainless steel such as tins, roasting racks, some knives, brillo pads. You will see instructions to remove cutlery from dishwashers after the cycle, to prevent rust.

Stainless steel should not rust if it is clean and in contact with air, which creates the protective oxide layer.

However there is some defective stainless around, said to originate in Chinese mills. If you see pits of corrosion, often the size of a pinhead, black inside, it is a manufacturing fault.

Normal marks can be rubbed off with a green nylon pan scourer and water. If you suffer from limescale, rub it dry with a damp cotton rag.

Brushed stainless is easier to look after than mirror finish, which shows every scratch or mark.

Squidgems Wed 28-Dec-16 03:31:31

I thought it was just me burning the midnight oil! What is m!uuy PigletJohn? I haven't used the other things. All I I've used in the sink is diluted Flash concentrated multi surface cleaner (to clean the cupboards) and Fairy washing up liquid.

I've been googling and have heard about deposits in hard water areas affecting steel sinks but I live in Yorkshire which is a soft water area.

It's been 15 years since I last had a stainless steel sink and don't recall having problems with it such as this.

I did think it was a faulty sink MrCreosote, but I've now found old mumsnet threads and others that show it is quite a common thing and the top fix is to use Barkeepers Friend. I hadn't heard of it before. I'll have to go and track some down.

Squidgems Wed 28-Dec-16 03:42:18

It took me so long writing my last post that I didn't see your follow on post PigletJohn. You mentioned that stainless steel needs to be in contact with air to prevent rust. I think that's what the problem is. I've been leaving a wet washing up bowl in the sink all the time. So the sink hasn't been "aired". Doesn't help that whenever I'm in the kitchen I'm constantly washing my hands. So now I dry the sink then wash my hands so need to dry the sink, then wash my hands then .... you get the picture confused

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 03:56:32

if you take the bowl out of the sink, I think there will be enough air contact to rebuild the protective layer. If water is soft I don't think it will get much watermarks.

Barkeepers Friend is finely-ground pumice and somewhat abrasive, I don't think you'll need it, It is useful for marks on reconstituted stone sinks, and for wearing away enamel.

Franke issue a document called "care of stainless steel sinks" or something. I saw it but can't attach the link.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 04:05:21


if you have brushed stainless, rub it in the direction of the brushing only, and rub marks will not show.

Squidgems Wed 28-Dec-16 04:24:44

I've taken the bowl out and will leave it on the side from now on. The sink is described as a silk finish. I dont see a brush direction in the sink. I have been scrubbing at it using a non stick scourer and washing up liquid. It's a little better in that they are a lot fainter. I'll have a look at the link later and see what I can do. Thanks PigletJohn.

MrCreosote Wed 28-Dec-16 10:22:24

Like I said. Proper stainless steel should not rust. If not treated correctly, it will discolour, but not rust. Cheap, so called stainless steel, has other metals mixed in with the steel. The only true stainless steel is British stainless steel. The Chinese are flooding the market with cheaper, inferior products. After only having the product for only a month, I'd go back to Homebase and kick up a fuss. Threaten them with plumbers fees.

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