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Garden Office/ Shed/ Spare Room

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Teaspoon74 Mon 26-Dec-16 17:21:33

So in advance of May DD we're trying to get our DIY etc planned/ sorted.

Our garden shed is falling down and we'd like to replace it with something more practical - ideally some storage for garden stuff in one part and a second insulated part with space for gym equipment/ small desk/ small sofa(bed).

We have a space of about 3.5m x 2.5m.

Anyone have any thoughts/ suggestions on good, reasonably priced suppliers who can fit it? Ideally first hand recommendations please.

MrCreosote Wed 28-Dec-16 00:05:33

Try "Garden buildings direct". I got a nice big shed from there, at a very reasonable price and I'm going back to them next spring for a summer house.

Teaspoon74 Fri 30-Dec-16 15:58:13

Thanks MrCreosote. Popped to a garden centre in Gravesend today and think we've found what we need grin

PigletJohn Fri 30-Dec-16 16:38:12

I don't know how they compare with other suppliers, but am impressed by the garden cabins sold by these people

They call them log cabins, but they are made of flat-sawn timbers notched to fit together and 34mm thick, which is like good quality decking, and seems very sturdy. I think they are imported from Finland. You assemble them yourself from a pack delivered on a truck. They vary greatly in size.

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