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Kitchen supplier Sussex

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Wallywobbles Mon 26-Dec-16 07:51:39

Does anyone know of a good kitchen supplier in or around Sussex that they would recommend. I like DIY kitchens but they are just too far away. Looking for solid wood chassis (if that's the right term).


OnePlanOnHouzz Mon 26-Dec-16 19:00:44

There's a company in Christchurch ( Hampshire ) that do tulipwood carcase's on their kitchens ...
handmade kitchens of Christchurch. They deliver all over.

badgerhead Mon 26-Dec-16 20:27:47

We had our kitchen done through Park House Kitchens about 15 years ago and it is still in good condition. They used to be in Slinfold but have now moved, but I can't remember where to, sorry.
They had a good range of kitchens to choose from.

Equimum Mon 26-Dec-16 20:31:28

We lived DIY kitchens and couldn't find anything comparable in the area. You can order samples from DIY so you know what you're getting. We got about four different doors to look at, and then paid delivery.

Ramona75 Tue 27-Dec-16 07:46:49

Solid wood chassis/carcasses in your kitchen would be very expensive, especially as the only thing you ever really see are the doors as the units are hidden away. Just get colour matched carcasses. Much cheaper and the look would be just as good.

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