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Catford Corbett Estate

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honestjoe Thu 22-Dec-16 18:42:51

Hello mumsnet community,

We are looking for some guidance on buying a house in the Catford Corbett Estate. We have a budget of £425k and have seen a few small Victorian houses on Glenfarg Road, etc.

Does anyone live nearby? What it is like living here? Do you think these 2/3 bed Victorian houses are worth buying, or is it better to look for something else? Do you think there will be any regeneration in Catford?

Any guidance would be most appreciated smile


Jem01 Sat 24-Dec-16 00:27:04

Yes absolutely worth buying in Catford lovely houses there and great community for families etc (so I've been told!). We looked at Catford but sadly didn't have the budget for a house there (ended up settling in Lee 2 bed flat but that's another story!) I know there are community groups on Facebook like the Corbett Residents Association where you can find more info about the area I don't know much about the regeneration except that it IS happening-again check out the Facebook group.Hope that helps?

I'm sure others who actually live in the area will give you a better idea on what the area is like.

Womble75 Sat 24-Dec-16 00:52:35

I lived in Glenfarg Road up until 3 years ago

Pros - nice parks, lots within walking distance, relatively safe (I used to trundle down to the co op at night and never felt worried) plenty of amenities (GP just round the corner, cracking Indian takeaway down the road smile, library at the top of the road) Catford not to bad for shops)

Cons - parking is rubbish (if you have a car) if you commute into the City from Catford or Catford Bridge, the buses are always full to get to the station in the morning, I used to walk in the end. Houses do carry noise (although I did live next to the most argumentative couple going) that said the houses are spacious and have mahoosive gardens.

We moved down south but I do have fond memories of Glenfarg

glorious Sat 24-Dec-16 11:08:29

There are some beautiful roads around there, especially the conservation area. I've never felt unsafe in Catford (though it certainly is lively). I would go for it. We lived in Hither Green just the other side of Mountsfield Park and there is a lot going on for families up that way too. Plus more and more good coffee shops and restaurants (and Model Market in Lewisham in the summer).

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