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Bought flat- leaking pipes!

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letsghostdance Wed 21-Dec-16 18:17:47

Hi everyone,

Bought my flat and moved in two weeks ago. When I arrived there was a large puddle on the bathroom floor which was from where the radiator had leaked. This meant the boiler wasn't working as no pressure due to empty system. Had it fixed day after I moved in (haven't heard back from the sellers about picking up the cost mind!) but now still having issues with the radiator. It's a towel rail one and the part which was leaking worst has now enirely stopped whereas the pipe leaking so little that i didn't even realise it was leaking is now damp. The plumber I was using seems to have lost interest in me (already paid him) and said that to investigate further he'll need to pull up the floor. Is there a step between giving it a wee tighten with a spanner and pulling up the whole floor to see what's wrong???

Now today I noticed that in the other bathroom the pipe that seems to be the water in pipe (I know literally nothing about plumbing) is either leaking very slightly (as in one tiny drop of water in the entire day) or has condensation forming that's dripping. I'm a bit baffled and very anxious and just need some reassurance that this might not be all as serious as I'm thinking it is?

Thank you

letsghostdance Wed 21-Dec-16 18:20:38

Should add that the pipe behind the toilet has a handle - might be the water shut off? And that's where the drip is

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