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Fire Doors - Upstyle

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Ladiesoftheeighties Tue 20-Dec-16 20:32:57

Hi - I live In a HA property so cannot afford to remove the fire Doors, but they are very ugly and make the flat look a bit like an institution. there are 10 internal caramel colour wooden doors in a 3 bedroom flat. Any ideas on how to make them look nicer - I tried painting them white but it looked worse - just cheap. I like the white panel look but it doesn't quite work - would a carpenter be able to do something with them do you think?

NapoleonsNose Tue 20-Dec-16 20:41:18

A woman I work with has a joiner son in law. Apparently in his house he used a router to make grooves stripes down the middle encased in a border about 3 or 4 inches from the edge, then painted them white. She said they look really good. I'll try and find a picture of what I mean as my description is a bit rubbish!

NapoleonsNose Tue 20-Dec-16 20:47:25

Like these

Lelivre Tue 20-Dec-16 22:27:52

The scored idea is good if you like that look.

I have to say that I like a nice heavy solid flush door, painted. I've just put in 4 panel shaker doors and I think I would have been just as happy with flush anyway..Perhaps changing the handles would make all the difference and be a bit cheaper also.

Ladiesoftheeighties Wed 21-Dec-16 07:21:21

Thanks - for that - I am thinking more of the 4 panel doors -
Napoleon - thanks for the pic - I wouldn't know where to start but perhaps I will ask a carpenter for ideas


BasiliskStare Wed 21-Dec-16 13:11:23

If you could be really careful with measurements and right angles etc would these work?

Ladiesoftheeighties Wed 21-Dec-16 20:19:37

Yes - thanks for that basilisk - it's just the thing

Ladiesoftheeighties Thu 22-Dec-16 06:40:27

Basili - these don't seem to be available on any website.

BasiliskStare Thu 22-Dec-16 11:58:47

Ladies , it looks like you need to actually buy those kits from the B&Q store (i.e. no home delivery) Otherwise if you can't find them on the internet I would have thought a carpenter / joiner could easily make these from lengths of architrave / trim and put them on for you. If you have 10 doors then this may be cheaper. If you can't get to a B&Q or find them for delivery then I would speak to a joiner and show him a picture of what you want. Good luck with it!

Ladiesoftheeighties Thu 22-Dec-16 16:34:18

Thanks Basil x

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 23-Dec-16 09:00:33

Please please lease be careful - fire doors are in place for a very good reason - especially in a multi home building ! Don't Router out parts as you will damage the door and the fire rating !!! ie the fire will get through quicker and you might get trapped or die or other might ... there will always be a fire assessment afterwards in these kind of homes if there was an incident ... do you really want to be culpable ?!

CurlsLDN Fri 23-Dec-16 09:07:29

Was going to say the same as houzz, I don't think it's wise to cut into a fire door as they have been put there for a very good reason.
Would painting them in a farrow & ball style (dulux) colour help? I've seen pics online of sage green or even dark blue doors and they can look fab

BasiliskStare Fri 23-Dec-16 10:32:35

Good points from OnePlan and Curls - do make certain that those panel kits either in themselves or how they are fixed doesn't compromise the door. I think they are glued but someone more knowledgeable than me may be able to comment and say whether they are safe. If there's any doubt I would go with the fabulous colour idea.

Ladiesoftheeighties Sat 24-Dec-16 11:08:26


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