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How much to spend on carpet?

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Auntycoops Mon 19-Dec-16 13:07:42

The one I'm looking at is £26.99 per sqm.

Is that a lot? Or does that seem about right? I was kind of looking to go mid range. 80/20 wool mix.

Thanks all

Auntycoops Mon 19-Dec-16 16:09:41

I've now had the quote through. £980 for a small living room, small hall and stairs with underlay and fitting.

I think that seems a lot. Is it??

UrethaFranklin Mon 19-Dec-16 16:47:52

Well it seems a lot to me but it depends on whether you can afford it or not I guess.

I had a living/dining room and stairs done a couple of years ago for just over £600. I think the actual carpet was about £14 per sqm, which was all I could afford at the time, I would have paid more if I had more money.

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