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What's Epsom like to live?

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Falcon1 Fri 16-Dec-16 15:10:34

We're looking to move from Kingston to get a bigger house. We're after a bit more green space, nice parks, good schools - the usual I suppose. Like the look of Epsom in that the commuting links are seemingly ok and it seems to be a bit greener than Kingston? Schools are also a pull. I love being able to walk into Kingston for all the shops at the moment, and Epsom (whilst not on a par with Kingston) does at least seem to have a reasonable range of shops and restaurants.

So, my question is - do people like living there? Is it friendly? Have this vision of it being full of right wing Brexiters for some this totally unfounded? Where are the best places to live? Is the commute into London a real pain, or manageable? What's the mixed comp like - I'm aware the single sex schools are good but would prefer mixed if the schools are comparable.

Any tips/advice/views very welcome!

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