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Would anyone like an 'in a chain' support group? (2)

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AnnaELC Thu 01-Dec-16 12:40:53

Seems we reached 1000 messages so I've started a new one!

DollyDuck Thu 01-Dec-16 16:16:34

Thank you Anna and sorry to read of your chain troubles sad

We (after weeks of lies/nonsense/misunderstandings/panic) are due to have everything go through tomorrow. However, until DH confirms he has possession of the keys I'm not allowing myself to believe it.

After all the hassle we've now had the removal/storage company say they don't have availability to move our stuff in until the 10th so we're having another week at DB's whilst our new house sits empty confused Nevermind though, at least it's been sorted out (fingers crossed!)

Am away this weekend for my friend's wedding so won't be able to see it again until Monday. Praying I still like it as much as I did originally as after all the hassle we've been through to get there(!)

Wishing everyone in the thread lots of luck smile

AnnaELC Thu 01-Dec-16 17:10:57

Dolly that's great news ! I hope everything goes really well flowers

Usernameneeded Thu 01-Dec-16 17:14:27

Happy new thread. We are in! Such a long day.

ApplesTheHare Thu 01-Dec-16 20:32:40

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about the fact we have a new thread, but thanks anyway Anna Also fingers crossed the more positive EA is right! Imagine if you exchange tomorrow.

Dolly that sounds very positive. I know what you mean about hoping you still like the place. When did you last view?

Username Great news! How does it feel?

We're now hoping to exchange end of next week and complete the week after. I'll believe it when I see it...!

ApplesTheHare Thu 01-Dec-16 20:34:27

p.s. If anyone needs a distraction I've just come across an incredible house but unfortunately the listing is one of the worst written I've ever seen. I just feel sorry for the owners. It makes me cringe.


AnnaELC Thu 01-Dec-16 20:49:16

apples I'm actually laughing that's made my day!! I'm not holding my breath but you never know.

ApplesTheHare Fri 02-Dec-16 18:32:29

Hi everyone, any news from chainsville today? We heard nothing but it seems we never do on a Friday...!

flownthecoopkiwi Fri 02-Dec-16 19:02:56

Oh my god, that house ad!

So our woes are snout a buyer who thinks she runs the world. Asked for a boiler service and electrics check. OK, fine will arrange and pay for...

Then she wants the chimney checked, wants us to pay for CCTV up the chimney. Over £350.

And we wanted to move before Xmas, she can't possibly move until the end of January, although her buyer desperate to move too...

After solicitors and agents getting involved today we got her to back down on the chimney camera. Oh and she can't move completion date as she's skiing!!!!

Want to exchange asap before I completely lose the will to live.

AnnaELC Fri 02-Dec-16 20:05:03

flown what a nightmare. I've had enough as well.

Wtf! She's skiing .... That's annoyed me on your behalf. I just can't stand the whole process, I have a great EA and solicitors, but they are being frustrated by the shite solicitors at the bottom of the chain, it just goes on and on. My kidneys may well give up from all wine - before I do!!!

UnlikelyRunner Fri 02-Dec-16 21:53:31

That house ad was cracking! What's with all the family pics in it? Actually I think the cringey wording might have been written by the owners. No-one could be paid to write something so awful, surely?

In our non-news we now have an exchange deadline of 31 Dec. If we don't get that apparently people in the chain are going to start walking away after a 7 month wait for some.

Pasithea Fri 02-Dec-16 22:03:57

Feeling very ooooh reading these we accepted an offer and had an offer accepted two weeks ago . Going to see the house again on Sunday. We're moving over 300 miles so scary. Never mind the process.

AnnaELC Fri 02-Dec-16 22:26:31

Welcome pasith I hope it goes well for you. We are moving 200 miles (if it ever happens)
runner I think we will be with you for the new year exchange. Sending you some of my wine I'm ready to throw the towel in.

Pasithea Sat 03-Dec-16 11:40:33

thanks Anna. 14 years since we moved. We always end up moving Christmas week once on Christmas Eve. Never again not this time.

UnlikelyRunner Sat 03-Dec-16 17:04:16

To put a positive spin on things, half my lounge looks like an Ikea advert now. Sparsely furnished, yet cosy with Xmas lights. I could get used to this minimalist living thing.
(Just don't turn around and look at the enormous stack of packed boxes at the other side of the room.)

nell15 Sat 03-Dec-16 18:54:23

Hi all I think I need to be on here. Read my previous post about us all being ready to exchange only to find that our buyers buyer hasn't got their mortgage yet. Someone has slipped up somewhere.

I just wanted to ask what you think about this exchange I had yday: So, I was in their estate agents trying to find out what's happening etc and I'm explaining our position to the manager and he said to me "don't worry, it only a house" my reply was yes, it's not life or death but it is a big life change for people and can be very stressful. The more I think about his comment the more I think I should have added: yes,and it pays your wages mate.

ApplesTheHare Sun 04-Dec-16 08:52:30

Nell hello and welcome. Rightly or wrongly, that comment would have been like a red rag to a Bull to me at this stage. EAs don't seem to do tact. Did you manage to get any info?

Welcome Pasithea hopefully everything goes smoothly with your chain. Our move this time has made me realise how easy it all was last time, but sometimes it just seems that a chain is a nightmare for reasons outside everyone's control. In our case the house is 350 years old so we're being held up by things like whether or not a solicitor (or whatever they were called then) should have put a comma in a document...confused

scortja Sun 04-Dec-16 10:19:27

Hello - I was thinking that everything was going quite smoothly but our buyers are wanting to get some quotes for work which I think means they will be asking for money off the sale price..
Is it usual to try and get a few grand off? It's been so long since we bought anything and it all seems different now..
The bank/survey agreed with the sale price so I'm not sure if we should give in or stick to our guns..

ApplesTheHare Sun 04-Dec-16 19:48:25

Scortja it's hard to know. What kind of work do they want doing? If it's to fix something that's come up as a result of a survey it seems like it's common to ask for money off nowadays. If it's to do something to improve the house or make it more to their taste then maybe not. How does your house stack up in value compared with similar properties in the area? That's what a bank valuation is based on, and your strongest leg to stand on if they try and haggle but you think they're trying to get you to agree to an unfair price. Tricky either way!

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 04-Dec-16 19:59:10

Hi everyone! Any news yet Anna?

Regarding the dropping offer after survey, our EA was very good when our buyers suggested they might do this. She reminded them that if you reduce your offer, your whole mortgage offer needs to redone, so potentially you might not get as good a rate. So not worth the risk for a few grand. She also said that a general opinion is that you should spend 1% of the price of the house on maintenance every year, and should expect to budget that from day 1. So if the survey shows immediate work needed that will cost £1000, then it's still within what the buyers should be budgeting for ongoing maintenance. It worked with our buyers and they didn't ask for a reduction!

AnnaELC Mon 05-Dec-16 11:02:48

Morning All,

bear hows the house?

Our update - well it gets worse. We all agreed a date (this is the third time we've agreed a date) of this Friday. So last Friday morning everyone is ready to exchange and the FTB were stalling (again) at 16:55pm we get a message to say that they haven't yet got the deposit. At that point I properly threw my teddies out of the pram. I've said it has to happen today, or it is me pulling out.

Pasithea Mon 05-Dec-16 12:17:28

Hi all

Anna. I'm really sorry to hear what is happening. Fingers crossed for you.

We drove 600 miles yesterday to see our house. Can't do it befor Christmas and we may be moving Jan . However our vendor has just advised that she is 7.5 months pregnant. how will that work.

DollyDuck Mon 05-Dec-16 12:57:55

Anna so sorry to hear your nightmare. Fingers crossed you'll get some positive news soon.

Our chain experience has finally come to an end. It all went though on Friday. Staying with DB until Saturday when we can get our stuff moved in so taking the time to paint and change a few carpets. Just can't believe the stress is over (well, until January when we start looking into extending! grin)

Best of luck to everyone - it will all be worth it in the end.

scortja Mon 05-Dec-16 13:12:56

Thanks for your reply apples.. They have got a really good price for our house so I think I'm a little pissed off that they seem to want to squeeze more out of us..

BUT the survey did say that the roof would need doing at some stage so I think they're worried about that.. The survey we had done when we bought also said that the roof would need doing - and that was 7 years ago.. And the survey from the house we're buying said that that roof would need doing.. So part of me is wondering if surveyors like to err on the side of caution..

Both houses are late Victorian and the surveys do mention that they're in the condition expected..

We've said that we're not dropping the price (that might be unreasonable but there's no way they're getting anything around here at that price) and they have until tomorrow to make a decision or it's going back on the market..

AnnaELC Mon 05-Dec-16 14:13:39

dolly i'm so pleased to hear that - seems we have both been in limbo forever.

I think with our buyers buyers that there has to be an underlying issue that someone isn't telling us, they keep agreeing dates and then suddenly saying they're not ready when it comes to exchange. This afternoon (about 1/2 an hour ago) I had a message saying that they now have the deposit, but don't know the bank details to send it to? bullshit

scortja I think most surveys will say that the roof will need doing at some point, its how they cover themselves, we have had surveys on two houses during this process and they both came back with that.

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