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Best strong, streak-free toilet?

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goodnightmush Mon 28-Nov-16 15:05:10

We're refurbishing our bathroom and need as powerful a toilet as we can get. I've read about Kohler and Duravit being good (though I think Duravit might have one of those "poo shelves"?!). I need to choose a toilet and don't have time to traipse round all the showrooms sitting on lots of models. So, please tell me your favourite toilet brands/models that can take a lot of punishment (three guys in the house)!

PigletJohn Mon 28-Nov-16 15:30:29

IMO you need a flapper valve rather than a syphon. It can be retrofitted to any cistern. They give a better flush. Avoid the cisterns with a button on the lid, get one with a handle on the side or front.

If you speak to your plumber nicely he may be able to get you a second-hand cistern which has a bigger capacity than modern ones. White is easy to match.

If you get a cistern with a side-entry for the filling pipe, rather than bottom-entry, you can put Parazone Bleach Blocks in the cistern. They help to keep the pan clean, and dissolve limescale, which encourages grime to cling on.

Be sure to get a pan that a standard seat will easily fit, and can be screwed on simply. There is no point in getting a stylish seat of quirky shape unless you gave a quirky-shaped arse.

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