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Home extension costs

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2plus4is6 Sun 27-Nov-16 17:31:01

Hi, after some advice, we are extending our house into an adjoining stone store / steading. The work is roughly 34m2, will involve knocking through a doorway & wood cladding one external wall (it is not original granite stone work, picking and pointing the others. We are also putting a wooden porch on front 9m2.
We are asking for quotes to get both wind and water tight & will tackle the insulation & plasterboarding & finishing ourselves as we have the extra money.

Has anyone had an extension done recently? How much was it? We are in north Scotland

Many thanks

ILoveChocolatePudding Tue 29-Nov-16 12:34:06

We are presently remodelling our whole house. I used a service by Estimators Online. Send them your plans and for a very reasonable fee they will provide a quantitative survey with costs for your area. We found this very useful when reviewing quotes.

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