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Moving To Rochdale - Need Advice

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waz1989 Fri 25-Nov-16 11:02:39

Hi all, i will get right to the point. i have been offered a property by the council in rochdale, but i have no idea about the place. Now i am under no illusions, over the years ive heard many many times that rochdale is one of the worst places to live. crime, anti-social behavour. lack of jobs, etc.. but the rent is cheap enough on this flat for me to pay. however though i do still want some form of standard of living. my question is though. 1.does anyone know about rochdale, and can tell me the worst areas? 2.does anyone know about 'OL10 3EQ' area? OL10 3EQ, Calder Flats, Heywood. any information regarding this area would be fantastic. i.e (how bad/good is it?) (the crime in this area)

user1471549018 Fri 25-Nov-16 12:33:55

I used to live in Rochdale. It is like all the old mill towns- some lovely bits some terrible bits. Heywood was ok, I worked at a doctor surgery there for a bit- the people were working class and very friendly. I don't know the exact area you are moving too though. Rochdale town centre and surrounding area sadly were not nice, however Bury centre is lovely and has been redeveloped. I also believe they have extended the tram line into Rochdale now so you can easily get to Manchester for work/leisure. I loved living in (a nice bit) of Rochdale and would happily live there again- although don't miss the weather!!

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