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Photos of our sofa, kitchen & dining set, please help re floor colour, too much choice!

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indiana7 Fri 25-Nov-16 00:09:46

Hi, we have bought a house in a new development & have started to think about our flooring, we have decided to go with a laminate but we are completely confused with the colours, originally I wanted a grey oak but now I'm thinking it may be a bit cold...
We have chosen our dining set & I have attached a pic of the kitchen that will be fitted (comes with the house) & also the sofa which we love for our livingroom, we will also have a dark yellow/mustard arm chair in the living room. Any flooring tips (or any other interior tips) much appreciated

wowfudge Fri 25-Nov-16 07:41:25

Have you sat on that sofa in a showroom? With such a low back it will not be very comfortable, certainly not for long periods watching TV.

Bluntness100 Fri 25-Nov-16 07:45:53

I like dark walnut type floors, I think they look classy and expensive but that's just me.

The sofa is a gorgeous colour, but agree with the previous poster, have you sat in it, the low back could make it not so comfy,

AdelindSchade Fri 25-Nov-16 07:59:40

Tone it with the wood on the dining set? Love the sofa.

Fantasticmissfoxy Fri 25-Nov-16 08:01:48

I'd go with a wood to tone with your dining set and doors too. Agree that grey wood be quite cold coupled with your kitchen cabinets

Follyfoot Fri 25-Nov-16 08:02:13

Mmm agree it is a lovely sofa, but we once stopped in a holiday cottage with a similar back and it's the first thing I look at when booking now. I wouldnt stay anywhere with a low back sofa, soooo uncomfortable.

Some flooring stores will let you take a few pieces home to try, maybe do that and see what looks best?

Gobbolinothewitchscat Fri 25-Nov-16 08:05:22

Oh yes - ouch re: the sofa!

A dark wood laminate?

user1471549018 Fri 25-Nov-16 08:46:54

What direction does the room face? I would go with the colour flooring in the pic of the dining set.

JT05 Fri 25-Nov-16 09:08:48

I'd go with a warm oak, similar to the floor in the dining table photo.

Re the sofa, lovely style and colour, but it's not the low back, but the buttoning that would make it uncomfortable. Buttoned upholstery tends to be quite hard to sit on.
There are similar style sofas with separate cushions, which IMO, are more comfortable. Also separate back and seat cushions can be cleaned, repaired more easily if something happens to them.

namechangedtoday15 Fri 25-Nov-16 09:51:55

Excuse the really poor photo (my phone is rubbish) but we have a kitchen with some of the units in a similar colour to yours, similar worktop and we have engineered oak. I think it looks lovely so I'd go with an oak effect too. I also think it will look more authentic whereas the grey will look like grey laminate if you see what I mean.

I also love your sofa - we have a low back sofa too and I love it. I don't think you can say "all low back sofas will be uncomfortable" just as you can't say all high back sofas are comfortable.

Tubbyinthehottub Fri 25-Nov-16 10:08:05

I'd go for a warmer floor. I love the sofa, I have similar in my kitchen but higher backed ones in the lounge where I do most of my lazing.

Fairylea Fri 25-Nov-16 10:12:58

Lovely sofa but hell to sit on!

I agree going for warm oak. You'll probably have the flooring much longer than the decor and furniture so I'd go for something that can go with anything.

MiaowTheCat Fri 25-Nov-16 10:21:00

We've got slate effect laminate (I originally wanted the grey oak look) with a dining table similar to what you've got and a charcoal grey sofa. It works really nicely - the flooring is predominantly grey, but the brown parts in the slate effect add a little bit of warmth to it that just stops it looking a little bit too cold. It's also really nice to walk on - not cold on the feet like a lot of laminates are. is what we have.

MidnightDexy Sat 26-Nov-16 11:03:00 our newbuild kitchen we had charcoal base units, slate floor tiles. One bathroom was brown floor tiles and one was pale grey. (I didn't get to choose!) we wanted the same laminate throughout whole flat. One thing that worked very well was Balterio sapphire olive laminate. It's hard to describe - a grey brown. It toned in very well with the grey but was still warm enough to work with the browns. Afraid i can't link but here it is:


MidnightDexy Sat 26-Nov-16 11:04:50

Sorry that didn't work. Here:

FrogFairy Sat 26-Nov-16 14:05:34

If you want to pick up the tones of the wood in your dining set, then bamboo might work.

indiana7 Sat 26-Nov-16 20:05:09

Thanks so much for that, it's a neutral colour that would match beautifully, so much choice around...!

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