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bad luck or gas supply problem?

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MuggaTea Thu 24-Nov-16 08:26:06

So have recently had a new a new kitchen fitted complete with new gas hob.
(started 2 weeks ago, just some painting to go now).

Came home from work last night to discover the boiler won't turn on. I immediately rang my homecare, and have a boiler engineer coming round this afternoon. In the meantime have discovered that the hob has the most pathetic flame.

Is there any way the boiler could affect the hob or vica versa? Or is this a supply problem which is coincidently the same time as I have had building work ? These are the only two items that run off gas mains in my house.

Think I am mainly posting for a handhold as my anxiety is now through the roof.

should i ring the gas company? or just wait until the boilerman turns up at the very accurate estimate of 12noon-6pm....sigh....

The added complication is that I am meant to be flying for a weekend away first thing tomorrow.

(before anyone asks....... there is NO smell of gas).

wowfudge Thu 24-Nov-16 09:07:56

Turn the gas off at the meter box. Better to be safe than sorry.

MuggaTea Thu 24-Nov-16 14:02:16

I did turn it off thanks.

I switched it back on to demonstrate the hob to the kitchenfitter who popped by ...... and it worked perfectly !!! boiler is back on too.


dodgy valve on the gas meter outside? or just a transient network issue? ah well. The cat is back on top of the radiator.

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