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Is Bourneville nice?

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Onegoodmutha Thu 24-Nov-16 06:39:41

For one reason or another I have been persuaded to move to Birmingham, is Bourneville a good place to live? Is there much going on? Good for kids?

Thank you smile

BackforGood Thu 24-Nov-16 21:48:50

Yes - 'Much sought after'.
Lovely Primary schools and OK secondaries.
Lots goes on in Cotteridge Park and at Rowheath Pavillion.
On BVT land (Bournville Village Trust) there are restrictions about what you can / can't do in terms of making changes to your homes, etc., which can be a pain in that you have an extra layer to go through if you want to extend / lay a drive over your front garden / etc., but it means the area stays lovely and people pay a premium to live on there.
Bournville has a station which is for the cross City line to go straight into the City Centre (or you can cycle along the canal towpath or the Rea Valley Route if you like to travel that way. Lots of buses / public transport.
It borders Stirchley with Estate Agents liking to call places in Stirchley Bournville when they really aren't wink.. Stirchley is OK but a bit shabbier than Bournville - hope I've not offended anyone with that description grin
There aren't any pubs on BVT - the Cadbury's were Quakers and it used to be no alcohol at all, but they do have a licensed social club now. Nor are there takeaways - but you would be plenty near enough to Stirchley and Cotteridge to those!

What else would you like to know ?

Onegoodmutha Thu 24-Nov-16 23:39:25

Thanks so much for your reply!
It does look lovely but initially thought we would prefer somewhere like Moseley - but wasn't sure if it was as good for kids.

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