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toilet trickling and refilling itself. can anyone help?

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ByeByeLilSebastian Wed 23-Nov-16 09:04:26

Just that really. It's a constant trickle and then fills itself up a bit. Don't really want to call a plumber over something so small and my dad is on holiday!

hufflepuffin Wed 23-Nov-16 09:08:34

Probably needs a new valve. Plumber quoted us £20 parts and £40 labour to fix it.

ThePowerOfCake Wed 23-Nov-16 09:12:48

I had this problem. I took the lid off the cistern and flushed a few times to see what was going on, watched a few you tube videos and fixed it myself with a new fill valve from b&q for £12!

In my case it was that the water was filling up to above the overflow that runs into the toilet bowl.

Some things just need a bit of a tweak and some things require taking the whole mechanism apart but it's worth taking the lid off and seeing what's going on. Good luck!

CrazyCatLaydee123 Wed 23-Nov-16 09:23:04

We had this. Part of the flush was so caked in limescale it was not going down completely. We replaced it and it stopped.

Please note that if you have any sort of leak, you can claim leakage allowance back from your water company. You just need to do a few meter readings after you've fixed the leak and they'll refund the leaked water for up to a year. We got £180 back for our leaky loo!

previously1474907171 Wed 23-Nov-16 21:38:09

Try some limescale remover first, squirt it on the moving parts and wait a while before flushing or overnight. Sometimes it is just a bit clogged up.

If you then find it is running continuously instead of trickling you may need to adjust the inside, depends what type of inside it is though.

PigletJohn Wed 23-Nov-16 22:13:18

We're just guessing as we can't see it. There are two or three potential causes, Please take the lid off and post some photos.

pineappleeyes Wed 23-Nov-16 22:15:21

My toilet did this for ten years. Various plumbers said they'd fixed it. They hadn't. One said they'd changed a washer, another said a valve.
It was actually a new pump it needed. I paid £8 for one and paid 20 for a plumber to fit it. Hth

OldRosesDoomed Wed 23-Nov-16 22:18:18

Off topic of course but I've just done aw Piglet to myself.

Piglet, if you had a large house with a teeny water heating tank and ideally needed it to serve four bathrooms, one in a lofty, and you wanted to situate it downstairs, what would you go for.

My apologies for the hijack.

PigletJohn Sun 27-Nov-16 15:51:46

four bathrooms? I'd get a large unvented cylinder, and I might need to replace the incoming water pipe all the way to the pavement and to the cylinder with a larger one, to get enough flow.

If you are fond of digging it is not hard.

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