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Party Wall dramas

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WaxyBean Tue 22-Nov-16 20:39:46

We have had plans drawn up for a loft conversion - neighbour to one side has already got a loft conversion as have a number of other houses on the terrace and it falls under permitted development.

Neither neighbour will sign a party wall agreement. Neither has been able to articulate why - one ignores us and all attempts at communication, the other (with the loft conversion) says that she doesn't want us to put a load bearing beam in the party wall (despite the fact that she must have had one put in when she had her loft conversion done some years before we bought this house).

We have appointed a surveyor - neither neighbour will agree to him being agreed independent surveyor. But neither have given details of their proposed alternatives instead simply stating that they do not concur with his appointment on their behalf. One says that he will appoint a surveyor in his own time, the other says she has a surveyor but he is too busy to take this work on till after Christmas.

Legally I think this means we can appoint a surveyor to act on their behalf in the dispute. Our surveyor has other surveyors lined up we could appoint.

But what happens if they refuse to engage with their appointed surveyors? And could they (before the 10-day deadline is passed) appoint the too-busy surveyor - what happens then, are we stuck waiting till he does have time to engage with this?

Any experiences of this welcome please.

YelloDraw Tue 22-Nov-16 22:18:51

Ugh what a nightmare! And only over a loft conversion.

No advice but sorry, hope you get it sorted.

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