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Washing machine cycle starting to take longer than usual.

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HeyMacWey Tue 22-Nov-16 10:55:17

I've got a bosch varioperfect exxcel 8 and the last few washes have taken forever and the count down indicator is stuck at 1 minute.

Any ideas what could be wrong with it?

HeyMacWey Tue 22-Nov-16 10:56:22

Sorry - what I mean is it gets stuck on the wash cycle for longer than it should. The cycle seems to be taking at least double the stated time.

neolara Tue 22-Nov-16 10:57:40

Something could be stuck in the drainage pipe so it is taking longer for the water to drain out. In my washing machine, I can take a bit off and clear out the drainage relatively easily. I've found all sorts in there - lego, money, hair pins. It;s always solved the problem of washes taking longer than they should.

user1471549018 Tue 22-Nov-16 12:11:01

Mine does this when I've over loaded it or the load becomes unbalanced with one big item sometimes. I think it struggles to spin properly so just keeps trying and trying

tattychicken Tue 22-Nov-16 12:25:09

Yes, there's a drainage/filter thing at the front of the machine, usually bottom right, behind a panel. All sorts of odds and sods in there. If that doesn't work then there's another (black, concertinad) drainage pipe within the washing machine you can try, but you'll need to unattach the waste pipe, unplug and turn the machine on its side to access it. If you google how to do it there's a YouTube vid. Had the exact same prob last week with my Bosch, the front filter yielded nothing so DH and I gave the internal pipe a go and found three coins in there. Very satisfying! Machine now working beautifully.

HeyMacWey Tue 22-Nov-16 13:08:14

Will try the front filter first - I'm not strong enough to unscrew so will have to wait till dh gets home.

HeyMacWey Tue 22-Nov-16 13:09:56

user mine isn't getting to the spin cycle, just stuck on wash.

HeyMacWey Tue 22-Nov-16 15:38:07

Found a bit of plastic - will give it a test run and see if it's worked.

HeyMacWey Tue 22-Nov-16 17:15:10

No luck - I think it might be the heatibg element as the water doesn't seem to be getting warm.

tattychicken Tue 22-Nov-16 17:29:02

Oh that's a bugger!! 😳

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