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architect headache!! HELP!!!

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user1479635587 Sun 20-Nov-16 10:10:35

I am new to this forum, and new to having work done on my property.

I have embarked on a small 2 storey extension to the rear of my house, the build is simple (although the planners did there best to add a quirk to it insisting on a 45 degree angle wall on the 2nd storey)

My question is:
I was recommended an architect through a builder who I know, however, working with him has been hard.

The original plans were rejected by council so needed to be amended (which actually my daughter did - not the architect)
So my first problem is that the architect should have been prepared for this, I am in a semi detached house (written consent from my neighbour to go ahead with original plans - still not accepted by council) but the architect should have known about the 45 degree rule, and pre warned me.

The non detailed drawings (that my daughter had adjusted) were then accepted and we were granted planning permission.

Since then, I have had to chase the architect for detailed drawings for building regs, he was meant to fill out the building notice form (he didnt - I had to go down to the council offices to do it) between myself and the builder hassling him, we eventually got the footings plans, and were promised the full package of plans to follow shortly.

At this stage, the architect knew that the build had started, he has not instructed a structural engineer for calculations for the RSJ needed over the 45 degree angle, he has not given us roof plans, he is not answering or returning calls or emails from myself or the builder.

The builder has said that they can sort this themselves, but its costing more money as we have to sort the structural engineer, and time, as the builder/project manager will now have to look closely at the build and sort out what is needed for the roof construction etc.

Anyway, the architect wanted £600 for the planning stage drawings, this did not include the application fees. I paid this on receipt of the drawings.

He has not asked to be paid for this second part of his job as yet, but is wanting £500 for this stage (which does not include the cost of building regs notice) this is just the detailed drawings, of which we dont have!!

My question is........when he asks (which i am sure he will) should i pay him anything for this stage, he has not completed or delivered what he should have done, I have no contract with him, just email conversations etc as evidence should it be needed?

I have already learnt so much through this process - the biggest being, i will never have another extension!!!

JT05 Sun 20-Nov-16 16:08:23

I would not proceed without a contract, which has get out clauses at each stage. The RIBA provide standard ones, I'm surprised your Architect has not insisted on one, it protects both sides.
If you haven't received what was agreed then don't pay.

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