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Leaks around the house!

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Nisnooz Sun 20-Nov-16 08:06:36

Good morning, beauties,

I have posted on mybuilder etc. and am simply getting too many incompetent builders trying to make a quick buck without providing a certain solution, so here goes:

I have a number of leaks/ sweat stains (?) around the flat. It is a conversion so two floors (1st and 2nd). The roof is the ceiling.

The thread here isn't allowing me to post photos so will attempt to describe:
1st leaK by the bottom left corner of Vlux
2nd leak in bathroom around the shower head (boxed inside the wall & ceiling) but that's also the roof/ ceiling
3rd issue is about six 5" sweat circles on the bay wall. Grouting was also redone when flat converted 3 years ago

If you have had something similar or know of an honest roofer who would come and assess, pls help!

Ta v much

Nisnooz Sun 20-Nov-16 08:17:50

Let's try this to show you photos:


WoodsTreesWhere Sun 20-Nov-16 10:34:25

We also have a ceiling that is the roof, and every damp patch / issue inside has been a fixable roof issue - moved slates, needs some fibreglass sealant etc.

I think you need a good roofer rather than a builder, and in my experience they are slightly easier to find so that's good! Whereabouts are you?

Nisnooz Sun 20-Nov-16 13:00:19

That's reassuring to hear. We are in the borough of Lewisham, would you mind sending me your roofer's details? even if they won;t cover the area, they might recommend someone reliable (which has been the issue as I mentioned)

WoodsTreesWhere Sun 20-Nov-16 22:30:20

I've sent you a PM with some details, hope you get it sorted!

lalalonglegs Sun 20-Nov-16 22:49:50

Be aware that unless you own the freehold of your flat, having work done on the roof could be in breach of your lease. You may have to approach the freeholder and arrange works that way.

Nisnooz Mon 21-Nov-16 12:50:06

Thank you!

Nisnooz Tue 20-Dec-16 10:35:12

Lovelies, an update to say a month on and I've not been lucky
I have had 3 roofers come in and all 3 had different GUESSES about potential problems and quoted a million miles apart
I have finally heard back from KEVILLE ROOFING & BUILDING 07939050267 which was kindly recommended here but yet to fix a visit

Any other recommendations, pls send my way


ImNotReallyReal Tue 20-Dec-16 11:51:53

After three lots of idiots found on Rated People, who just made our leaking roof even worse we finally found this company.

He got up on the roof, lifted tiles, took photos, annotated them and explained the problem - then gave us a price. We found him to be honest and our roof has been perfect since he did the job. The guy who did our quote was called Ben.

Unit 1
26 Cleveland Road
South Woodford
London E18 2AN
Phone 0208 4857176
Mob.07897 925085

Nisnooz Tue 20-Dec-16 13:09:33

Much appreciated!!

Nisnooz Wed 21-Dec-16 18:49:18

Hi WoodsTreesWhere, I wonder if you could help
I can't find Keville Roofing that you recommended anywhere online with reliable reviews. Their online footprint is very minimal and I found some sort of forum where the company was being reported as the owner writes his own reviews and positively recommends his friends in the trade
He seemed like a nice guy but I can give the job on the basis of nice.

Ace Roofing, for instance, have a checkatrade website and reviews, etc,

Any feedback on when you used them, what for, which area, would be helpful!

ImNotReallyReal Wed 21-Dec-16 20:34:11

This is what Ben from Ace gave me after three nightmare roofers, hope you can see the photos.

Nisnooz Thu 22-Dec-16 08:21:22

I can. Cheers! Will get in touch

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