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BexDoolan Thu 17-Nov-16 15:42:31

Hello all,

I've bought a house in East London (Newham) E13 we have been living in for 1 year - and done a lot of work ourselves, including taking a wall down, installing woodburner etc..

We want to have a side return extension done but will need to move the bathroom upstairs. Its a three bed narrow Victoria terrace house so I'm not sure where it will go without loosing a bedroom?

Because of this and the scale of the work that I don't feel comfortable managing myself I want to hire a design and build company to do the lot - problem is that I cant find one that will come to East London!

They are all based in Nappy Valley/South West London.

Can anyone help - either with the reconfiguration of 1st floor with Bathroom or the design and build company in east London? We are right near Hackney so I find it hard to believe there isn't a company that will do the lot for us nearby...


dynevoran Thu 17-Nov-16 21:40:45

I don't know of one but I can recommend an amazing architecture and design practice, and also an amazing building firm so only two firms to do the lot. In Walthamstow.

YelloDraw Fri 18-Nov-16 07:48:45

Is your 3rd bed the same level or down a few steps from bed 1 & 2?

Have a look at houses sold/for sale on RM in your area. I've seen a lot when house hunting! Most common is to loose the 3rd bed, but can put in a slim bathroom or shower room internally nicking a bit of room from bed 1 and 2, or sometimes can do it in a bit of bed 3 but you get left with a v small room and small bathroom. In that case the bedroom is behind the bathroom (obvs with corridor).

Have also seen people split the third bed and have the bathroom at the back of the room i.e. No corridor and have to go thru bed 3 to get to it. Do not do that, shit solution.

If you are keeping a full downstairs bathroom you can get away with a small shower room.

Or if you are re jigging downstairs maybe you can get a bathroom at the base of the stairs downstairs (so no walking thru kitchen to get to it) and just put in a toilet upstairs. That removes most of the downstairs bathroom issues whilst retaining bedroom sizes.

From looking round houses my preferred option was a narrow bathroom or shower room internally with space from bed 1 and 2.

Portobelly Sat 19-Nov-16 02:44:50

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