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What tiles do you have in your bathroom?

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rubybleu Thu 17-Nov-16 09:55:15

We are fitting a new family bathroom in our flat. The last decision is tiles & I just can't make a decision! We have bought fairly modern white gloss bathroom furniture.

Please help me with inspiration - what do you have on your walls and floors and are you happy with your choice?

Heratnumber7 Thu 17-Nov-16 10:03:55

We found most bathroom tiles to be boring beige or grey. There are very few tiles of colour available so we just went with white.

dynevoran Thu 17-Nov-16 10:12:44

I am currently installing a bathroom and a shower room in our house we are renovating. For the shower room i have a carrara marble effect tile on the wall for the shower and a patterned vinyl floor from murafloor which has come and is lovely. Pic below.

For main bathroom I have a Matt white large tile around bath and sink and then have a yellow encaustic tile on the floor made custom which has just been delivered and is lovely! From mosaic del Sur. Pic below but hasn't been fitted yet!

I do light bright colours and patterns though so I know its not for everyone!

WoodsTreesWhere Thu 17-Nov-16 12:02:13

Large rectangular pale teal ones in brick pattern on walls, everyone comments on them and it feels calm but not boring.

Plain white square matte floor tiles.

WoodsTreesWhere Thu 17-Nov-16 12:04:39

Should say I love them. This website is helpful, bit more choice than the usual when I last looked and reasonably priced.

littlemissM92 Thu 17-Nov-16 12:05:15

This is ours picking the bathroom was my favourite room to do x

YelloDraw Thu 17-Nov-16 13:28:25

I've just bought these!

Dark grey for floor. Light grey/whiteish for walls.

Bluntness100 Thu 17-Nov-16 13:35:09

Yup,,ours came with the house, a kinda beige marble effect. Wooden floors, white suite, it's ok, inoffensive and doesn't date so much, but probably I'd have went for a navy pearlescent or something.

Needmoresleep Thu 17-Nov-16 13:47:14

I observed that all bathroom showrooms use dark grey tiles on the floor. These also allow you to use dark grout. You do not want light coloured grout on a floor.

In terms of walls, think about size. The tiler may be able to advise you on the best size given the bathroom furniture you have. (Larger means fewer joins so less chance of grout failing, but also more cutting. Also be careful about a tile that is advertised for both floor and wall. I bought some lovely German ones, which were well nigh on impossible to cut.)

I normally go along to the trade section of Worlds End Tiles and see what end of line stuff they have. Its a bit like TKMaxx in that sometimes you are lucky and get something lovely for a fraction of the normal price. I find it easier when I have fewer choices. Plus it is normally available on the spot or within a day or two.

Squidgems Thu 17-Nov-16 13:54:52

After much deliberation I went for British Ceramics' Vasanello light grey gloss ceramic wall tiles. My bathroom has just been done and I'm waiting for the grout to fully set and a shower rail before giving it a clean so it's not as shiny as it should be. But here are a couple of pics. It's a small bathroom and I'm so glad I didn't just choose white ones.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 17-Nov-16 13:57:47

We have something like this (although not laid in a brick pattern) this on one wall then plain grey matt stone tiles on the sink wall and on the floor, with grey grout. Also have all white bathroom furniture in contemporary style. Looks lovely (well I like it anyway!)

CoryDunford Fri 18-Nov-16 09:29:24

Cool greys and beige are on trend now. If you want something that looks great and will last choose a stone replica.

We have Porcelanosa Madagascar Blanco in our bathroom and it looks great but buy online to get a saving!

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 18-Nov-16 13:14:37

We have and Edwardian house so we went with these from Fired Earth (in the sale!!)

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